All the comforts of home at bus stop

Otago Polytechnic culinary arts student Conor Pomroy (20) enjoys the comforts of home while waiting for a bus on Harbour Tce yesterday. Photo by Jane Dawber.
Otago Polytechnic culinary arts student Conor Pomroy (20) enjoys the comforts of home while waiting for a bus on Harbour Tce yesterday. Photo by Jane Dawber.
Which of these is the odd one out - couch, coffee table, pot plant, curtains, Mona Lisa print, teddy bear, mat, bus shelter?

The Dunedin City Council says the bus shelter.

The latest resident protest over the lack of seating in the new Dunedin bus shelters has resulted in one on Harbour Tce being turned into a lounge.

But council transportation operations programme manager Michael Harrison said it was likely the shelter's fixtures would be removed.

"We can't leave it there. There may be a problem with how safe the materials are. Are they going to get burnt?

"I can see the funny side of it.

"But it's likely to be removed for the safety of other users."

Mr Harrison said the issue of seating in bus shelters had been brought to the attention of the Otago Regional Council, which built them, and the city council, which is responsible for their upkeep.

In response, both councils agreed seating installations would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

"If someone wishes to have a seat in their bus shelter, they only need to contact the DCC," Mr Harrison said.

"Where possible, we will do it."

He said seats had been installed in 15 of the 115 new shelters already and five more had been requested which would be responded to.

Missing the point

What expensive things was I talking about?

I am saying this kind of home made ingenuity of putting seating in bus shelters is exactly the kind of the thing that should remain without the interference of "fuddy duddy councillors and council staff"


Bus shelter height

I agree with Skillo.  I am 6 foot tall and do some running at night.  These bus shelters are painted a dark green which render them almost invisible at night. The roof height enables me to get under them on flat sections and but barely on slopey sections.  If someone of the height of 6 foot 3 inches and more were running downhill they would crack their foreheads on the roofs which jut out into the sidewalk, especially with the bouncy nature of running. I would recommend the DCC puts some kind of reflective material or paint on each side of the overhanging roofs of these shelters to avoid this unfortunate accident from happening. 

Put Dunedin on the map

It's quirky things like the nex minnit guy whose skateboard disappeared that really put Dunedin on the map, not expensive schemes dreamed up by what Kris described as "fuddy duddy staff".  Dunedin "a home from home" bus shelters could become that kind of viral hit, along with the story of how ordinary citizens whose need for seats had not been taken into account by planners took over their local bus stops.  

If the DCC clipboardies used a scrap of imagination they'd have photos of the best local bus shelter up on the DCC site and post links to where the clips of shelters and their anarchic designers show off their creations on youtube.  The painted bus shelters that really sheltered are great, now Dunedin can have a makeover of today's comfortless minimalist structures to keep up our reputation for being strange and wondrous when officials keep out of the way.

A solution

Surely we can kill 2 birds with one stone, on one hand we have a DCC that can't afford seats for bus stops because of its crippling stadium debt, on the other hand we have a 30,000 seat stadium that only gets 5-7,000 fans to a rugby game - let's move some of those unused seats out into the bus stops where the citizens who have paid for them can actually get some use from them - with so few rugby patrons they won't even notice they're missing.

Not only are there no seats

Not only are there no seats but they have also been built at a very low height meaning 'one' could easily whack their head when running or walking along the footpath, something that is even more noticeable on a hilly road. I'd also add that there are no reflectors to highlight them in dark weather conditions.
Yet another case of 'no method in the madness' that is this council'

Pure genius

Pity the DCC are full of fuddy duddy staff and want to tear it down. This ingenuity is exactly what this city needs more of.

Not the DCC staff and council being such funbusters.