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Govt warns Palmer over China remarks

Govt warns Palmer over China remarks

The government has warned MP Clive Palmer against using his position in parliament to insult China amid a high profile legal battle with a Chinese company.

Abuse victims still calling after 18 years

After 18 years investigating pedophiles in the Catholic Church, Peter O'Callaghan QC is sure of one thing: people don't make up stories about sexual abuse.

Alleged killer: 'I will win in the end'

A man charged with the murder and robbery of a woman in her Sydney waterfront home told police he was in the mansion when three armed intruders stormed in.

Man killed by croc in front of wife

An albino-headed crocodile named Michael Jackson that killed a man at the Adelaide River was "one in a million", a tour operator says.

Couple doused in petrol in home invasion

A couple were doused in petrol during a terrifying home invasion in Brisbane at the weekend.

Miss job appointment, face dole cut

Welfare recipients who miss an appointment with a job provider could have benefits cut unless they have a good excuse.

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