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Siege gunman's mysterious life revealed

Siege gunman's mysterious life revealed

Years before he was a threatening character wearing an ayatollah's robes and screaming abuse at TV presenter David Koch, Man Haron Monis drank alcohol, bought gold jewellery for a woman he wanted to marry and had a fleet of luxury cars.

Minimum wage rise 'disappointing'

No one is happy with the umpire's decision, not business about forking out $16 more a week to minimum wage earners nor workers who are getting a lower pay rise than last year.

Aussie govt cracks down on antibiotic use

The federal government is cracking down on antibiotic misuse amid concerns over-prescription is creating resistant bacteria.

Opposition introduces same-sex marriage bill

Opposition introduces same-sex marriage bill

The leader of Australia's opposition Labor Party has introduced a bill to legalise same-sex marriage, adding the backing of a major party to growing public support for the issue after last month's landmark 'yes' vote in Ireland.

$250,000 worth of ice found in Darwin raid

Almost 200 grams of crystal methamphetamine valued at more than $250,000 has allegedly been seized and three people arrested in Darwin.

Family traumatised after home invasion

A family in rural Victoria is too afraid to return home after armed intruders broke into their house and sexually assaulted a woman, police say.

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