Video: Students pack out Hyde St for keg party


Police were forced to close Hyde St and move people off roofs after thousands flocked to the annual keg party dressed as everything from Tarzan to a yellow submarine.

Police attempt to stop anybody else entering Hyde St. Photo by Craig Baxter
Police attempt to stop anybody else entering Hyde St. Photo by Craig Baxter
An estimated 4000 students were in the north Dunedin street at the peak of the party and at 3pm police closed the packed street to stop anyone else entering.

At least one roof collapsed under the weight of revellers and there were reports of several injuries.

The party started early - about 5am - Otago University Students Association events co-ordinator Koren Allpress said.

She said portable toilets, barbecues and water stations had been set up on the street, along with a St John first aid area.

OUSA and police were checking bags ensuring people complied with the ban on glass.


Hyde St party cop out - landlords

As usual after the event people are ducking for cover.The landlords know exactly what goes on in Hyde St. It's happened for the last few years and for the landlords to get angry now and call for a ban, is just plain grandstanding. Get over it. You're happy to take their money and have a blind eye on every other day. Landlords are covering their backside. Probably the only reason they are moaning, cause it was their substandard roof on their grotty flat that collapsed, and they have to be seen to be doing something to gain compensation from the insurance company.

The cost on other agencies to cover this event, St John. Police, DCC. charity groups etc, must be in the thousands -- do they receive a penny from the liquor agencies that make a fortune selling alcohol for this event? Suggest not.

And they, the liquor outlets are sitting pretty counting their dollars

So the students had a party - alcohol was involved. It's student life - is this any diferent from the Rugby World Cup nights in the Octagon? Oh that was ok wasn't it.

At least the students were enjoying themselves and wrecking their backyards. Not ours.

Police were forced to close

"Police were forced to close Hyde St"

An awful, awful piece of reporting right there. Police were not 'forced' to do anything, the party was closed at 6 as planned. Everyone else knew about it but as usual the ODT are giving us students a bad rep with this sort of reporting. Shame on you ODT.

Editor: The story says police closed the street - not the party - at 3pm. The photograph shows police stopping people entering the street at the Albany St end at 3pm.