'Feral' student party in city shut down

Police attend a large student party on Stafford St, Dunedin, yesterday. Photo by Craig Baxter.A ''feral'' student party in Stafford St yesterday was shut down by police, amid concerns for the safety of intoxicated people climbing on the outside of a three-storey flat.

Sergeant Dion Phair said police received multiple calls from Stafford St residents complaining about noise and people climbing on the fire escapes. It was also reported someone had thrown a beer bottle at police, he said.

''It was a bit feral. I think they had a flat red-card where one of the 20 tenants pulls out a red card, and everyone else goes on the booze for the day. It's a pretty common practice in student flats.''

The party started about 7am yesterday but was shut down by police about 4pm when four earlier warnings went unheeded.

No-one was charged, but details of the incident had been sent to the University of Otago proctor, he said.



I, for one (and presuming your post is legitimate), congratulate you for your comments. Based on yours and similar posts here, it seems fair to say that 'feral' was a shade harsh to use as a descriptor. You've helped shine what looks to be a degree of objectivity onto the event.

Well done, mate.


University not responsible

Driver: They should be dealt with in the way any other person breaking the criminal code should. The university, an outstanding institution, is not responisble for the stupidity of 1% of its students. It brings a lot of capital to Dunedin, and frankly makes it a more vibrant and interesting town - residents should be thankful for it. I was born and raised in Dunedin and loved having it there as a kid. Also, maybe it's time to address the 'lad' culture in NZ. Being a man isn't about beer, rugby and violence, and frankly that's more the culprit. [Abridged]

And you guys didn't have fun when you were young?

You guys are saying how these are our future lawyers, doctors etc. Are they not allowed to have fun with their lives before they start the real world? Bet you guys got drunk and made noise, probably just payback for all the chaos you guys caused back in your heyday. Also students need some down time after late nights studying. 

Stafford St party

Having being involved in the Police efforts to control the party yesterday, I find it frustrating how particular comments are based on completely irrational assumptions and little knowledge of the events that actually unfolded.
The residents of the flat had the party under control and had been through necessary precautions to ensure the safety of partygoers. It was only when one idiot decided to break through the safety wire on the 3rd floor and launch a bottle that we thought it necessary to shut the party down, all of which was done in complete compliance with the residents.
Long story short, unlike many of you I witnessed the party from a first hand perspective and believe the party was in good spirits and safely contained inside up until the one incident which evidently caused the downfall of the event.

Ruined Saturday night

I am in my early twenties and was out on Saturday night in the Octagon celebrating a birthday, but the night was completely ruined by drunken idiots. Many of which were first year uni students as i heard a lot of them talking about which hall they were from. Satuday was chaos, never have Iseen the Octagon so bad, it was out of control and police presence wasnt doing much. The level of intoxication of most people was disgusting and many were trying to start fights, vomiting everywhere and there were ambulances at the bars by 12am. I actually had to check the news on Sunday morning because i was sure something must have happened and that's when I read about the fatal crash.
They need to raise the drinking age to 20 or 21, it's just getting ridiculous.

the word 'feral' is an overstatement

The word 'feral' is a complete overstatement. these are our future lawyers, politicians and doctors mate. the party was under control this is a complete over exaggeration.

But the problem isn't students ....

I can just hear the university spin-doctors now "it wasn't us (students), it was them (non-students/out of towners)".

What do you expect?

Really, are the DCC and Police that stupid they don't realise they are the cause of these problems? They shut down 90% of the student bars and imposed stupid restrictions on the others. Students were always going to find a way to drink - just now it's anything and anywhere.


Boozy parties

That would only affect student parties - alcohol is the real problem. Restrict access to that substance and the problems would diminish.

Chaos continues

This sort of feral behaviour continues to grow in this city. The overwhelming majority of which can be directly attributed to University of Otago students. 

They show a complete lack of respect for authority, neighbours, and the city in general. Dunedin residents continually call for a crack down on this civil disorder and little is done.

I hope the Police and the Council take note and I hope the Proctor takes a hard line on these idiots. 

Feral students

How about everytime a student incident like when bottles thrown at police or deliberately lit fires occur that the university cops a $10,000 fine for each offence. The culprits also forfeit their student allowance for 12 months in which is then used to reimburse the university and community.