Cull wins Dunedin mayoralty

Mayor elect Dave Cull takes a call from a well-wisher. Photo by Gerard O'Brien
Mayor elect Dave Cull takes a call from a well-wisher. Photo by Gerard O'Brien
Dave Cull, who stood on a platform of prudent financial management, has comfortably deposed two-term incumbent Peter Chin as Dunedin mayor.

Final vote totals after preferences were transferred and candidates had been excluded were: Dave Cull 22,832; Peter Chin 14,453; Lee Vandervis 6,692; Aaron Hawkins 1745; Olivier Lequeux 1204, Kevin Dwyer 208, Jimmy Knowles 124.

At a barbecue at his Portobello Rd home, surrounded by family and Greater Dunedin colleagues, Mayor-elect Cull (60) said his initial reaction was "relief".

"It confirmed my hopes," he said of the result.

Now, though, was the "challenge" of the new council.

Mr Cull, a writer who has served one term as a councillor, said he had already received a telephone call from outgoing Mayor Peter Chin, in which Mr Chin congratulated "very graciously" him on his win.

Mr Cull said his first job as mayor would be to regain the trust of the community, by engaging with it more constructively.

First preference votes were: Dave Cull 21,757; Peter Chin 14,084; Lee Vandervis 5917; Aaron Hawkins 1527; Olivier Lequeux 1164, Kevin Dwyer 197, Jimmy Knowles 124.

The full list of Dunedin City Council results is here

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Care to explain that comment?

Care to explain that comment in a little more detail? Do you know something the rest of us don't?


Congratulations Mayor Cull, looking forward to seeing what you can achieve in the next 3 years.

Welcome Mayor Cull

Congratulations. Please sort this mess out. A few of the other council employees need to be looked at too, some have far to much sway with the councillors.

New council

Now the citizens of this fair city can begin work on Dunedin the way we want it, not the way that has led us downhill for too long. [Abridged]

Well done

Well done, Mayor Cull. You deserve it.

Congratulations, Mayor Cull

A well-deserved win.
A hope for sounder decisions.