Dunedin YouTube UFO up in the air

A still from a YouTube clip of what is claimed to be an unidentified flying object taken from a Dunedin beach earlier this week. Photo supplied.
A still from a YouTube clip of what is claimed to be an unidentified flying object taken from a Dunedin beach earlier this week. Photo supplied.
Is it a plane, a star, or an unidentified flying object?

A clip, entitled "UFO over Dunedin NZ", has sparked a flurry of comments on the video sharing website, YouTube, since it aired this week.

The footage was shot in Dunedin over two consecutive nights - last Sunday and Monday.

The person, who was camping at the time, said the object was "visible for about 10 minutes, eventually going behind a ridge of hills to the west out of sight".

"The light appeared, grew in brightness, changed colour, shape and moved in relation to the land from east to west over Dunedin," the person said.

"I am going to have the whole footage analysed as soon as possible."

However, other viewers remain sceptical, suggesting the footage could show landing lights on an aircraft, a bright star, or a planet.

What do you think? Check out the footage below


No mystery there - it's Jupiter, imaged with a hand-held am-cam, with changing focus and magnification.


No, it's not the ISS.  Heavens-Above.com tracks that, and it shows only morning passes for Dunedin those days.

As for a boat, it could be, but I wouldn't think a boat light would disappear behind the hills "to the west".  I've never been to NZ, though, so there may be places in the area where that could happen.

I'm in West Virginia, USA, and went out tonight to look at Jupiter and Mercury.  They're both low in the western sky now, and set at about the described rate.  Mercury is a little dimmer than Jupiter, but both are clearly visible in twilight from an urban area.

Has anyone checked the orbit of the international space station?

This can be extremely bright and can move reasonably fast across the sky.  There is a web site (URL escapes me) that will tell you when it was / will be visible in your part of the sky.

Squid boats

More likely it's the squid boat that we've seen sitting just on the horizon for the past couple of weeks, perhaps refracted through the cooling air at dusk to make it look like it's moving


I suspect this was Jupiter, which is low in the west after sunset.  It can be almost as bright as Venus, and under ideal conditions can be seen in daylight, so is quite noticable in evening twilight.  That it was seen on two evenings in the same place also fits a planet.

If it is Jupiter the flashing and color changes are due to air turbulence.

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