Temperatures rise as climate discussed

Cr Jinty MacTavish contested a submitter's views on climate change during yesterday's annual plan hearing in Dunedin. Photo by Linda Robertson.
Cr Jinty MacTavish contested a submitter's views on climate change during yesterday's annual plan hearing in Dunedin. Photo by Linda Robertson.
There were no gauges at the Fullwood Room to check for climate changes during debate on Dunedin's annual plan yesterday.

But if they were installed near city councillor Jinty MacTavish's seat at the Dunedin Centre when Dr Jock Allison gave his views on climate change, there would have been a certain spike in the heat emanating from that side of the political and generational divide.

The environmental advocate sat quietly while Dr Allison gave his views on the issue, the science of which he described as "a scam".

The council, he continued, did not need any expenditure related to planning for the effects of climate change, because the topic was "adequately accounted for" by various government departments, universities and lobby groups.

Self-described in his submission as Dr Jock Allison: Ratepayer, he is also a former Invermay director and former AgResearch board member.

His submission argued the world's temperature was not rising at an increasing rate, sea level was rising but the rise was slowing, and "much more" oil and gas remained to be found, not to mention huge coal reserves and the opportunity for safe nuclear power.

"Thus, no requirement for council to spend significant sums of money in planning activities related to a situation which is unlikely to happen in the foreseeable future."

Dr Allison noted Cr MacTavish's "impassioned tearful plea" earlier this year for the acceleration of an adaptation plan on climate change, a decision he said was based on "doubtful logic".

To round off his submission, he took aim at climate change scientist Dr James Hansen, due to give a public lecture in Dunedin this month, whom he said was a "seriously discredited scientist" responsible for alarmist claims about temperature and sea-level rise.

After sitting quietly through the speech, Cr MacTavish asked Dr Allison if he was aware what he was recommending for the council ran against the advice of the United Nations, the New Zealand Government, the International Monetary Fund, and organisations within both the British and United States governments.

Dr Allison responded there was more than enough planning on the issue under way from universities and government, and no need for "a little unitary council wanting to have their own part of it".

Cr MacTavish asked if he wanted the council to have policies out of line with all those organisations.

Dr Allison said he did not, but he wanted the council to keep "a holding brief" on the issue.

Policies needed to be put in place "if and when climate change takes place".

The council staff response to the submission thanked Dr Allison for his input, but said the council had to "keep in step with the generally accepted paradigms of the scientific community".



Actually, no sound evidence

RobGuthrie - the 'weather' changes every day. The 'climate' has been cooling and warming in cycles for millions of years and will continue to do so.

You do realise that CO2 levels have been up to hundreds of times higher than they are now in the past - with no evidence they caused any significant warming?  In fact, records indicate high CO2 levels precede a cooling period of the Earth - which is what many believe is now actually happening rather than warming.

You do also realise that without CO2 we would not have any life on earth?

I am all for affordable clean alternative energy, I am all against the Govt and councils taxing everyone except the actual main polluters in the name of stopping something that isn't actually happening - warming.  Even if it was it has been estimated even if we stopped all CO2 producing industry (which will never happen) it would take several thousand years to have any impact on CO2 levels as humans produce less than 1% of the CO2 in the atmosphere. 


Sound evidence that climate change is happening

I think this article leans towards Dr Allison's viewpoint and belittles Cr Mactavish in the opening paragraphs.

You do not have to look hard to find information that climate change is happening now. For example: this link

And in response to the comments I read here. We all must agree that when you eat all the cake, there is none left. Why are some people so terrified of a future secured by environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources?

DCC scammed again

DCC councilors and staff who believe that the global warming theory is true, need to carefully consider the evidence and the credibility of lobbyists like the IPCC, the UN and NIWA. These councilors should be aware that Dunedin is not immune from global politics and that a variety of groups are seeking influence and ratepayer money to support their warped viewpoints.

An example of this is the United Nations political campaign called Sustainability, which seeks to persuade us by telling us that all kinds of catastrophes will happen if we don't become believers. Their favourite catastrophes are the mythical global warming and the fictional peak oil.

Councilors like Cr MacTavish should listen to Dr Allison and make an effort to be guided by logic and reason, and not politics and superstition. The "generally accepted paradigms of the scientific community" promoted by Dr James Hansen are not necessarily shared by most of the world's scientists. We hear the ones that shout the loudest.

Thank goodness for someone with common sense

Thank you to Dr Allison for injecting at least some common sense into the obviously sheeplike council who follow "the generally accepted paradigms of the scientific community".

Did they mean to say 'follow the almost entirely discredited IPCC reports, second rate weather men, and a multi-billionaire - Al Gore'?  

Can they name over 30,000 scientists who support the all but completely rubbished theory of man made global warming?  I can at this link:  http://www.petitionproject.org/

Of course the global warming fanatics will discredit this, saying most of those 30,000 are not 'climatologists'. Well - bad news, neither are most of thsoe who write reports for the IPCC.  In fact, the head of the IPCC is a railway engineer.

So there we have it, the councils and governments of the world are following the advice of a railway engineer about our climate, while over 30,000 scientists disagree.  Incredible.

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