Slurp your coffee, expert says

Coffee researcher Mario Fernandez appraises another cup of coffee. Photo by Jane Dawber.
Coffee researcher Mario Fernandez appraises another cup of coffee. Photo by Jane Dawber.
Some people say it's rude to slurp your coffee, but coffee connoisseur Mario Fernandez says it's the only way to really taste it.

Mr Fernandez, known to friends and colleagues as Super Mario Coffee Taster, comes from a Mexican family with a 180-year history of coffee growing, processing and exporting, and he is the only certified "cupping instructor" - a person who teaches the art of coffee tasting - in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Fernandez said it was important to slurp because it sent the coffee right to the back of the palate.

Like wine tasters, coffee tasters look for fragrance, aroma, flavour, after-taste, acidity, cup balance and body.

"It's very similar to wine tasting, but coffee is more complex.

"We look for more attributes in coffee than wine tasters do."

One important aspect of coffee tasting is the use of a silver spoon to ladle the liquid from the cup.

"Silver dissipates heat better than stainless steel.

"Your tongue is your tool so you don't want to burn it."

Other hazards of the job are headaches from coffee deprivation and sleepless nights.

"I do get headaches if I don't have coffee for a few days.

"But I do sleep well because, like wine tasters, we spit the coffee out when we have finished tasting it.

"Otherwise, it's just too much coffee for the human body."

His experience comes from studying food technology in Puebla, Mexico, and a master's degree in food science at Montpellier 2 University in France.

For 17 years he has honed his skills in many roles, including miller and exporter, roaster and retailer, technical director of the Cafe Veracruz Regulatory Board, and university lecturer.

Mr Fernandez is undertaking food science doctoral research on the formation of flavour in natural coffees at the University of Otago and will share some of his coffee knowledge as part of the New Zealand International Science Festival in Dunedin from June 30-July 8.

He will give presentations on July 4 and 6 (7.30pm-9pm) at Technique Restaurant and a free demonstration at Wall Street mall on July 6 (noon-1pm).



You think that's disgusting?

Max, what about those ridiculously thin plastic bags in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket? How many people lick their fingers in order to open them, before rummaging around selecting the best specimens of fruit to fill them? Doesn't bear thinking about.


Slurping coffee is disgusting. Can people not hear the noise they make, or do they think that others can't hear it?

But it's not as disguisting as licking your finger when dealing with paper. You might as well just spit on it.

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