'Simple yet elegant' logo for museum

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum has unveiled its new logo.

It was developed by Dunedin company BrandAid and will be used in all branding for the redeveloped museum.

Museum board chairwoman Dr Dorothy Page said it was a "simple yet elegant" design, that combined the old and new names in an imaginative way and made both elements of the name clearly and equally visible.

"When you consider that we have taken the former museum and redeveloped it into what is effectively a new museum, then this is a very suitable logo."

Dorothy Page
Dorothy Page
Museum director Linda Wigley said she was excited about the design, which she felt fitted well with the new look and feel of the museum.

It reflected the fact the museum was changing and taking a new direction, she said.

"It is a colourful and distinctive branding that we can have some fun with."

She said the size and design of the two elements of the wording complemented each other and provided the elements sought by the museum board and management.

She said "a couple" of Dunedin companies had provided concepts for the logo and a museum advisory board had considered 12 designs before settling on this one. It had cost $4070 in total to arrive at the final design.

The logo would be used on the museum's letterhead, banners, website, advertising and brochures.

Colours used in the design would vary.

Each gallery in the museum had its own colour scheme and there was scope to change the colour used in the logo, to reflect special feature exhibitions, depending on which gallery it was in, she said.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum will reopen to the public on December 8.

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Actually using the term "dual cultures" ( I prefer this term to bicultural) is a well-considered and thought-through comment. It recognises, for me, that first and foremost we have 'tangata whenua' and along with those of us with another heritage, we have, or are working towards, a partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand that identifies us as who we are on the global stage.

Understanding my dual cultures (I cherish my Scottish roots and also what my interaction with tangata whenua gives me) provides a platform for knowing who I am, my accepting of diversity and my welcoming of everyone in a multi-ethnic community. It is great we all have different worldviews and have the freedom in the media to express these.

Not relevant who made the decision

It was still against the majority vote. Perhaps then Max, you could advise where the board's funding comes from then?


The DCC didn't make the decision. The Settlers Board did.

Great logo

Well done BrandAid. Looks great! 

The hard facts

Speedfreak: Well, seeing as you have spoken to 50 people in the past couple of days and they don't like it, it simply must mean that no-one likes it. [Abridged]

Well said Ian

I have spoken to about 50 people over the past 2 days and not one was in favour of a large red splodge in front of the title.

Recognition of our dual cultures?

Thoughtful has fallen into the usual 'dual cultures' mindset in a country which is multi-cultural, and becoming more so.
Our dual cultures are not being recognised when any reduction of the overall size of the logo risks the European contribution to past and present-day New Zealand society to simply disappear. That is not 'clear and equal visibility', or anything remotely like it. For Dorothy Page to claim that this logo presents a 'balance' is simply ridiculous, given the fact that the device will be reduced to letterhead size, in which case the 'Otago Settlers Museum' will either fuse into a blur, or become totally unreadable.
Bear in mind, please, that the Otago Early Settlers Association started this whole thing going by providing the original 'Early Settlers Hall' as a repository to commemorate their own ancestors' contribution to Otago, and for all that it was a grim, forbidding place to visit at times, with all those 'well-lived-in' faces glaring down from the walls, they were perfectly entitled to commemorate their own culture and their part in the establishment of Otago in a way they saw fitting.
Now, that important aspect of the equation has been all but hijacked in favour of an emphasis of the 'Maori viewpoint' which is more than well catered for in the main Otago Museum and in many other places as well. [Abridged]

Dual cultures?

Surley you jest?. Are you forgetting the Chinese? They have been part of Otago nearly as long as the white man has, yet there is no Chineese emblem evident on the building.
I have no problem with the building or the cost, just with the council's naming of it when the majority clearly stated their preference was Otago Settlers Museum. 

'Clearly and equally visible'

I'm not greatly het up over the name, but I am bemused at Dorothy Page's claim that 'both elements of the name [are] clearly and equally visible.' 'Toitu' is in red and in a font four times the size of 'Otago Settlers Museum'. My personal preference would have been for a least some more balance.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum

Really happy that at last we have recognition of our  dual cultures - we are in New Zealand after all! I am happy if some of my quite considerable rates have gone to pay for this wonderful development. Dunedin can be proud of this museum and what it will be like. I have not seen anything better elsewhere in the country. looking forward to the opening.

If you're happy with that Matty

Then perhaps you would also be happy to pay the costs involved ($4000 odd).

It also doesn't change the fact that democracy obviously doesn't seem to work in Dunedin. 


Personally I really like the whole concept and besides, if it is good enough for Dorothy Page - there surely wouldn't be another living person with such a knowledge of Otago's history - then it's good enough for me. Looking forward the the re-opening. 

As one of the people

May I ask why you lot learnt nothing from the stadium debarcle?

Why do you bother asking our opinion on anything, when you're just going to make up your own mind anyway.

If anything happens all i could say would be that perhaps council incited it by making yet another poor decision and yet again against majority vote. 

Toitu and the People

As one of the People, may I mention that predicting vandalism is virtually instigating it? Vandals should not be surprised if they end up in court.

Don't forget to read the small print

Its a pity the words Otago Settlers Museum are overpowered by the letters in red. Is the plan to drop OSM all together, in a few years?

It's awful and offensive

Dont be surprised if its vandalised. You people at the council were told overwhelmingly to leave it as it was. Yet again you have not listened to the people, and yet again the ratepayer will end up paying for any damage

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