Apple Maps puts Dunedin airport in Octagon

If Apple Maps is to be believed, planes leaving Dunedin International Airport should be taking off from the Octagon.

The misplacement of the airport is the latest in a long line of errors found in the app, which has come in for heavy criticism since it took over from Google Maps in the recently released iOS 6 operating system, which runs on iPhones and iPads.

This has seen a farm labelled as an airport, highways that end in the middle of nowhere and towns in the wrong location.

Airport chief executive John McCall said he could see the funny side of the mistake and thought it would be "pretty obvious" to anyone looking at their iPhone that the airport could not be in the centre of the city.

However, it was important people were given accurate directions to the airport and he would ask a member of his staff to try to sort the problem out today.

"I do know that we are in the right place when it comes to Google Maps," he said.

Other errors in the app's New Zealand maps include Timaru Airport marked in a Christchurch suburb and the centre of Wanaka marked in a paddock beyond the town's golf course.


Lucky Dunedin

Dunedin, you're lucky the road through the Octogan is at least on land. Here in Auckland where I catch the train to work if I go all the way to Britomart station - the end of the line according to Apple - I wiil need to pop up through through the middle of the harbour then catch a ferry to get back to land.


While the Apple satellite images are lower resolution, and some information is wrong (my discovery was a Hard Rock Cafe in St Clair) I still find it interesting to look at Google Maps' images of pre-earthquake Christchurch which are considerably less accurate (although much sharper) than the Apple map.

As with many things, accuracy improves over time and with feedback.

Not a problem

Shouldn't be a problem, with a real public parking place on Dowling St we'll be one step ahead of the actual stadium's parking which is not available to the the mere hoi polloi.


It's about time.


In a feat worthy of David Copperfield or perhaps Uri Geller, Forsyth Barr Stadium has been transported to 9 Dowling Street. What about the parking?

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