Discussion on drive stalled

The latest Dunedin City Council discussion about future vehicle access on John Wilson Ocean Dr was yesterday put off until late October.

The council's community development committee was set to consider a report from council staff recommending councillors not support two ideas suggested for the road, which has been closed since 2006, when the Tahuna outfall was constructed.

The ideas were to install a barrier arm for limited swipe-card access to the road, or to close it completely and install a skate strip for ski-dog training.

However, councillors were sidetracked by a separate recommendation to reduce the proposed speed limit on the drive from 30kmh to 20kmh.

That discussion was intended to take place at the full council meeting on October 29.

Councillors decided it made more sense to discuss everything at the same time, and without enough information on the implications of a speed limit change, decided to defer the discussion to the council meeting on October 29.


Keep it as it is

Good debate about this. For my two pennies worth, you only have to go to JW Drive and see the mums, dads, pushchairs and people who meet and get exercise every night to realise a closed JWDr is worth it's weight in gold.
I take my kids there every night for play, strolls and yes, dog walking. The comment about dogs and asphalt is wrong - they love hard surfaces. It really helps harden paws and helps on rough ground. [Abridged]


Too late by then Dunners, the damage is done. A public vote is required to settle it and put an end to the stupidity surrounding this issue permanently - sooner rather than later.

In all seriousness...

In all seriousness, 'what ski-dog training'? Moreover, it is my understanding that dogs do not appreciate long periods of exercise on hard asphalt as it causes their paws to become tender, and use of the grass verges, which are much softer, would not interfere with moderate vehicle access and considerate use.
Closure for this length of time would seem to be a harsh penalty for the public at large to have to pay to get the area rid of a handful of nuisance 'boy-racers'. Akin to cracking nuts with a sledge-hammer, perhaps.

What majority?

It is clear, having followed the debate for a couple of years, that there is no clear majority. No matter what decsion is made a large number of people feel hard done by with respect this issue.
Why is the council council elected? To make decisions, of course. One thing is for sure, being a decision-maker makes a person unpopular, no getting around that.
A public vote is a good idea. Wait, we do that now when we appoint our decision-makers. Don't like the decision? Vote them out.


It shouldn't be up to council to make this decision

Their past record (stadium and Chinese garden) shows they are not capable of making the right decision. We also need to stop pandering to the minorities who want to do this or that with it. It's time to put it to public vote. Then at least the majority will be happy.

John Wilson Drive

I am astounded that the issue regarding access to John Wilson Drive has still not been solved. Having recently returned to Dunedin after an absence of 2 years I am bitterly disappointed that John Wilson Drive has not reopened for vehicle access as it was prior to its closure in 2006.

Bev Smith

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