DCC pushes for urgent action on cycling

Paul Orders.
Paul Orders.
Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders is writing to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) asking it to urgently address the issue of safety for cyclists on Dunedin's one-way state highway system.

At an extraordinary meeting of the council yesterday, councillors unanimously supported the motion for Mr Orders to start dialogue with the NZTA.

Mayor Dave Cull last week called for urgency in dealing with the issue after Dr Li Hong (Chris) He was killed while cycling along Cumberland St.

Yesterday, Mr Cull asked those at the council meeting to observe a moment of silence out of respect for Dr He's family.

Mr Cull said he did not want to blame anyone or any organisation for Dr He's death, but rather "open up discussion" about how to make the two one-way systems in Dunedin safer for cyclists.

"It is a lethal issue and the community needs to get on with finding solutions to it," he said.

His motion to the council authorised Mr Orders, as chief executive, to seek feedback from the NZTA with urgency.

It was hoped the NZTA, which had legal jurisdiction over state highways, would supply a list of temporary intervention options to improve the safety of cyclists, and develop a high-level plan for enhanced cyclist and pedestrian safety on the "pair" of Dunedin's one-way systems.

The council also hoped the NZTA would suggest alternative enhanced routes and assistance in funding for such work, to make Dunedin safer for cyclists.

During the next few years the council plans to invest in a better city-wide cycle network.


Absolutely crazy on SH1

Well Wynot, you missed something - a cyclist could have been clipped by something loose and flapping on the truck or trailer.  However the most likely initiating cause of the recent death of Dr He - as yet unconfirmed - is an opening car door.  That was definitely the case in the death of Dr Breward in a similar accident just up the road by the UBS in the late nineties.

Big rig drivers are skilled and practiced professionals pretty well all of the time.  I don't see them making mistakes and I would make several trips by bike each week on the one-way system - have been doing so for the past five years.  On these trips I would be passed by an average of four truck and trailer units each way.  Being passed by one while cycling is not an experience to go out of one's way for but also not particularly alarming. The threat rarely comes from the truck driver. Guess I am absolutely crazy.

We agree

Well wynot, we agree on something: having bikes next to trucks and fast moving vehicles is madness. Hopefully cyclists can count on your support to effect proper changes to keep cyclists safer.



Petermcd: Did a car door cause the cyclist to swing out or was it truck sway or the driver correcting for something ahead of him?
Being a cyclist beside fast-moving heavily laden trucks with trailers is absolute madness.
I travel up Serpentine Avenue at 5pm-6pm (rush hour) and here we have cyclists wavering from side to side on a steep narrow road. During winter the majority of these cyclist are hardly visible, with inadequate clothing and lack of lighting - and they expect car drivers/trucks to avoid them! -[Abridged]

SH1 as motorway

@wynot - Sure and as per the motorway, no parking, and no pedestrians on SH1. Get real and stop punishing the victims.

Push for and support a national campaign along the lines of the Safekids Driveway Campaign to get car drivers and passengers to look before opening car doors - it should be as basic as looking before you cross the road.

Great idea

Wynot: What a great idea; we should also remove all the parking, as we don't have that on highways either. After a few months of no parking, people will think, what can we put in that space? Hey, let's stick a cycle lane there.
I've noted before that the one-way system is an excellent place for a cycleway. The traffic flow is single-direction, so no cars turning across cyclists (except those that overtake and then turn in front of) and the majority of intersections are controlled by lights. Where there is a will, there is a way.


No bikes on State Highway 1

Its simple...no bikes should be allowed on State Highway 1, as per motorways. Its too busy, with constant heavy vehicle traffic. There are plenty of alternative streets to use.

Yet again

Yet again, it takes innocent people to be killed or seriously injured before something finally starts to happen. It seems that talk is all too cheap, and no one wants to admit responsibility. [Abridged]

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