Dunedin expert backs animal testing for party pills

Leo Schep.
Leo Schep.
Opponents of testing party pills on animals are essentially advocating for a return to the medical Middle Ages, Dunedin toxicologist Dr Leo Schep says. 

Dr Schep, who is based at the National Poisons Centre, is frustrated by the outcry over the revelation party pills could be tested on animals as part of new legislation to mandate their safety.

The proposal sparked outrage from the SPCA and others. Dr Schep said pharmaceutical guidelines had to be followed if some products were to be deemed safe, and that meant animal testing. 

"We're dealing with the safety of human beings here."

He did not accept a distinction between drugs for recreational and therapeutic purposes, saying the safety issues were identical.

"It does not matter that it's recreational. You have to follow [pharmaceutical] guidelines."

Drug testing underpinned modern medicine, and prevented repeating tragedies such as thalidomide, he said.

"Otherwise take all the drugs off the shelves and go back to the Middle Ages."

He did not believe in animal testing for cosmetic products.

Humans using party pill products now were the "guinea pigs", and were suffering effects such as seizures and psychosis.

"This has to stop."

The Government's "novel" approach to regulating the industry relied on a proper testing regime.

Dr Schep said the animal testing opponents did not seem to see the "great irony" of the fact they were most likely users of pharmaceutical products.

While another synthetic cannabis product ban, of K2, takes effect on Thursday, new chemical forms constantly emerging stymied regulators' efforts to keep up, he said.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has emphasised no decision has been made on animal drug testing yet.


Dark ages?

It is he who is stuck in the dark ages. Anyway dogs dying for people entertainment has already been happening for years. Its called the greyhound racing industry.

Test it on the sellers

Products that have no medical benefits should be tested on the people that wish to sell them.
I can't see any practical purpose for party pills and legal highs. The people that consume them are too stupid to look after their own welfare so it might just be best to ban them outright.
Also, if the products on analysis contain illegal substances, arrest the resellers for selling drugs.


No party for animals

Dr Schep says that the safety of humans justifies the testing of party pills on  animals.  Why worry about the safety of the most ignoble species?  How about having a few more people worried about the safety of animals?  After all, they are not protected from the most toxic thing on earth .....us.

Surely, all these research stations must have gathered, over the years,  enough information to have some idea about these party pills, and if there is any doubt, just ban the damn things.  It isn't a necessary commodity, and other recreational drugs are illegal.  Sad little life if you need to take party pills to have a good time.  Sad little country if we allow it. 

Not okay!

These pills should be banned, the whole lot of them. To suggest using animals to test drugs that make boring people think they had a good time is okay is appalling. Test them on the suppliers and the morons who can't handle the real world. It has nothing to do with the 'middle ages' Dr Schep, more to do with common sense and respect for the animals who are used to test life saving treatments. What benefit to individuals and society do these drugs provide? 

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