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Map updated for Dunedin cyclists

Map updated for Dunedin cyclists

Fresh information should help guide cyclists around the South Dunedin cycle network, the Dunedin City Council says.

'Nice few days' due this week

'Nice few days' due this week

Dust off the swimsuit and spark up the barbecue because summer is upon us and Otago is set to reach some summer-like temperatures this week.

Dog attacks on poultry reported

Dog owners - and poultry owners - have been told to secure their animals after several incidents in Dunedin.

Bumper beech mast year predicted

Get ready for an eruption of rats, stoats and other predators that threaten our native birds.

Otago to fore in awards

The odds suggest someone from the University of Otago department of history and art history is soon likely to enjoy more prize-winning success.

More homeless in NZ seeking beds

There is a shortage of emergency accommodation across New Zealand, including Dunedin, and the number of homeless people visiting the Citizens Advice Bureau has doubled.

ODT/directory - Local Businesses

CompanyLocationBusiness Type
John Fitzgerald Bricklaying LtdDunedinSpecialist Trades
High Street SchoolDunedinSchools
The Joinery ShopBalclutha
Alpine Heatpump Services LtdQueenstownAir Conditioning & Heating
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