Pair dobbed in over bike-slapping incident

The driver and passenger of a car in Dunedin both face charges after the passenger slapped a bicycle.

Constable Jon Dunn, of Dunedin, said a 17-year-old male passenger in a car slapped a cyclist's bike on Main South Rd, in Sunnyvale, last night.

The 16-year-old driver had swerved so the passenger could hit the bicycle.

The cyclist was put off balance and nearly fell, Const Dunn said.

A motorist driving ahead of the car saw the incident and made the teenagers stop the car, took the keys and called police.

The passenger was charged with assault and the driver with careless driving, he said.



That is why I always have my bike cam going, have laid a few complaints to the police over dangerous drivers and having video as a witness helps with any doubts. I suggest every cyclist buys a small cam as they are cheap as now.

Bike slappers of old England

Te Jackie, I've heard of this being done by the Guild of Slappers, Norwich. Of course it was easier to upend a cyclist in the days of the Penny Farthing. The first bike slappers were men upset by the womens cycling movement. They would approach the cycling maiden with a catch of North Sea herring, and slap the Raleigh frame with the fish. That is why a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle, as the bumper sticker proclaims.

How do you slap a bike?

How has this been acheived? exactly how do you slap a bike?

Driver deserves a commendation

Give the driver who took constructive and affirmative action a commendation because I've had people do this to me when I've been on my bike and it isn't a nice feeling.

No doubt the judge will take into account the main culpit's age and give them the usual 'stern talking too' and 'slap on the hand with a wet bus ticket', whilst reprimanding the constructive person for 'taking the law into their hands'.

No wonder so many innocent people die or get injured so needlessly on our roads and footpaths

Well done that motorist

"A motorist driving ahead of the car saw the incident and made the teenagers stop the car, took the keys and called police."

Top marks for brisk effective action - and courage.  There are some nasty little snotters out there old enough to drive but maturity level of a lettuce seedling. 

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