Warning to secure your gates

Watergate, Camillagate, Corngate ... and now Gategate.

Police are investigating cases of gates being stolen from Dunedin properties over the past few weeks.

Thieves appeared to be targeting farm gates and wrought iron gates, Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said.

In the latest incident, gates and posts were damaged at the Ravensbourne Boating Club this week, following an attempt to remove them.

The stolen gates could be used in illegal activity such as fencing a cannabis-growing operations, he said.

People were reminded to keep gates secure, and report suspicious behaviour to police.

In De-Fence of Cannabis

Fencing Cannabis - who from, ning nong Police? Possums?

Cannabis couldn't be more prevalent in this country if it was made compulsory. Police "Better Stories" implicating everything from Bic 'safety' razor blades protecting crops ("Beyond the Smoke" - TV3) to the theft of gates to the illicit status of cannabis is as absurd as their damaging claims of "societal harms" (BERL report, commissioned by Jim Anderton). If fences are being stolen it is a cost attributable to the plants' prohibition, not to the plant itself.

As goes for the 'efforts' Police put into validating (and according to recent statistics from the Justice Ministry) the high level of incarceration of low level consumers - whom they want to put behind high fences.

Police have not and do not 'account' for the efficacy of their efforts, rather they pretend that the cost of policing is a societal harm, contrary to best practice and Law Commission advice. Appropriating resources without informed consent is theft. Making up "Better Stories" is lying. Police need to work out on whose side of the fence they are on. [abridged]


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