Woman hits intruder with axe

A 44-year-old Dunedin woman was arrested last night, after allegedly hitting an intruder with an axe.

Dunedin police said the woman was visited at her Corstorphine Rd home at 6pm by a 51-year-old man who believed his television set had been stolen and was at the property.

''He was confronted by a woman with an axe, who shoved him in the chest with the handle end,'' Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said last night.

She was charged with possessing an offensive weapon and the man with unlawfully being on property.

They will appear in the Dunedin District Court next week.

Proactive defence

I advocate the setting of Spring Loaded Traps around the property. These were once called "man traps", and you have to ensure that it's men that get trapped. There is info on such devices on the 'Net. Sometimes my suggestion is posted, other times not.

Call it what you wish

I would call it getting my telly back.

Take law into your own hands

That seems to be the message behind speedfreak43's remark regarding the man who went into a woman's house because he thought his TV set was there: "If it was, that puts a completely different light on the situation."  Stolen  or "kept without legitimate ownership" property is a matter for the police, isn't it?

Are all intruders visitors, then?

"Is this an intruder or visitor, sounds like a visitor," queries Potamoi, though there is nothing in the article to indicate he had been invited or was a close friend, close enough to take the liberty of walking into her house without notice.

Is everyone a visitor up to the point where they start stealing, tying up, beating, raping or killing the legitimate inhabitants, and only then does it become a crime such as home invasion? Does the person disturbed in their own home by an intruder have to wait till violence occurs (possibly disabling them) before showing strong resistance, and then hope the police are somehow alerted and arrive in time to protect them from a disastrous outcome?

Self defence?

I do agree with your comment David. I will however reserve my judgement until we know if his TV was, in fact at the property. If it was, that puts a completely different light on the situation.

Intruder or visitor?

Is this an intruder or visitor, sounds like a visitor in which case she should be charged (even if she doesn't want this particular visitor).

Self defence

You can't even defend yourself or your property without the risk of being charged in this country. In some parts of Australia, you have the right to do that if someone breaks in and rightly so.

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