Off-duty cop hit by car going wrong way

An off-duty policeman on a motorcycle was knocked out after he was hit by a rental car driven down a one-way road at Dunedin International Airport last night.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said it appears the officer, who had had just finished work for the day, was briefly knocked unconscious in the incident.

He was taken to Dunedin Hospital by St John ambulance as a precaution.

Initial inquiries indicated a rental car, driven by a rental firm employee, was travelling the wrong way down a one-way road at the time of the crash.

More than just 'One Way'

I think speedfreak is implying that how they possibly imagine it in their head is how it actually happened, i.e. straight 'street', miles of visibility etc. How could they not have seen each other?!

My take is that I'm not silly enough to make any assumptions like that at all. I note the use of the word 'road' not 'street' which implies a more minor narrower carriageway.

Some of those roads at and around the airport are very narrow with sharp, blind corners. How does one know that the accident didn't happen in one of these spots? The location isn't actually specified in the story. Was one or both vehicle/s speeding? Was it light or dark, no mention of accident time in the story either.

I could go on and on, but if you haven't got the point by now then there IS no point!

One way 2

@ Bahrain Expat: I was indeed suggesting the motorcyclist should have seen it coming. As a long time motorcyclist, I know only too well, the importance of observation when riding. In my view, no one would be allowed a car licence until they had served 2 years on a motorcycle. It would greatly reduce the amount of accidents.

I did however enjoy your sense of humour.

One Way

Speedfreak are you implying the motorcyclist should have seen the car coming and got out of the way? Or is it because they are a police officer and have amazing powers of foresight and should have sensed the impending danger. [abridged]


Just curious

If you're travelling down a one way street and you get knocked off by someone going the wrong way, are they not coming towards you? If this is indeed correct, how did the officer not see this and get out of the way?

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