Work begins on upgrading highway in city

Resurfacing of State Highway 1 in central Dunedin causes congestion yesterday. Photo by Peter McIntosh.State Highway 1 in Dunedin is being upgraded by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) at an estimated cost of $300,000.

The road surface at six sites along the state highway in central and north Dunedin was

in need of replacement. Some of the paving was more than 20 years old and had broken down, the NZTA said.

Resurfacing was expected to save maintenance costs in the long term.

Work began on the first site between St Andrew and Hanover Sts yesterday.

Resurfacing was expected to take four to six weeks in total.

NZTA state highways operations manager (Otago-Southland) Roger Bailey said contractors would work 24 hours a day on the first site to minimise disruption for road users and businesses in the area.

''This particular job should be finished by Friday,'' he said.

Paving would also be replaced in Cumberland St between Dundas and St David Sts, as well as between Duke and Great King Sts.

''Making this level of investment in paving on this key freight route will reduce our long-term maintenance costs on these sections of highway.

''Some of the surfaces at the sites are requiring increasing levels of maintenance to maintain acceptable levels of ride quality,'' Mr Bailey said.

Temporary road signs will be installed at the sites to warn motorists of work, which would affect parking on both sides of the highway in certain areas.

Temporary bus stops will be used while contractors work around permanent bus stops.

Mr Bailey said businesses in affected areas as well as emergency services, public transport companies and taxi firms had been notified about the work.

Yes, move the cycle lane

To another street that doesn't have this kind of traffic flow. It's just a hazard to cyclists lives as they already know

No they will wait

No they will wait untill the road is finished, then decide to do it and rip the road up again.

Rename them Cycle-at-your-own-risk lanes?

Two cyclists died recently on this road, not so very far from where this photo was taken.  Sadly, no-one in the roading team bothered to think about cyclists. Placing a traffic sign and cone on the cycle lane is a death trap for cyclists, who will be forced out into the moving traffic.   Perhaps the delay will be caused by an ambulance attending to your brother, friend or workmate knocked off their bike.  

Move the cycle lane

Perfect time to move the cycle lane to the other side of parked cars.

Do you think they will do it now - when it will cost nothing to change? No I think they will waste time and money on consultants to tell them they should have done it.

And the DCC once again

And the DCC once again putting cyclists at risk by using the cycle lane to place signs when there is no reason, causing bikes to swerve into traffic.

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