Hotel promoter cannot meet deadline

Colin Weatherall
Colin Weatherall
The company promoting a $100 million waterfront hotel in Dunedin says it will not meet a deadline for additional information requested by the Dunedin City Council's hearings committee.

However, the resource consent hearing that will decide the project's fate is expected to resume in March, with or without all the material requested, hearings committee chairman Cr Colin Weatherall said yesterday.

It was confirmed last month Cr Weatherall had requested further information from Betterways Advisory Ltd, and planned to invite submitters to have another say on the new material, before the hotel's resource consent hearing resumed in March.

The committee wanted an assessment of environmental affects covering construction and wind disturbance arising from the hotel, a report from a recognised landscape expert, and more computer-generated images showing the hotel's appearance from around the city.

Betterways was also asked to find a way to physically demonstrate the hotel's height on site, in a way that was visible from across the harbour, perhaps by using a tethered balloon.

The company had until Friday to respond to the request, before submitters were invited to comment again.

However, Betterways director Steve Rodgers said yesterday the company would not be able to provide the information by the end of the week.

''We're still working our way through that. We haven't got an answer for them.''

Cr Weatherall said, when contacted, the hearing would resume in March, with or without the information.

He had heard from Betterways, and expected to receive a formal response from them by Friday, but could not say whether all the information requested would be provided.

''That's really their call. They can go from providing all that we ask for, or providing us nothing and telling us just to get on with it. That's their right to do so.''

He expected some information to be provided on all matters, but ''whether it's as detailed as we want is another question''.

''I know ... one or two of them [information requests] are a little bit harder to provide detail to than the others.

''They may give us some broad-brushed approach, and give us more detail as they get closer to the hearing.''

Once the information was received, submitters would have until March 1 to make further submissions on the additional material.

The hearing was scheduled to resume on March 18.


Not my hotel

Hold your horses Mr Q. I have made no such claim as to being an architectural designer, nor am I a great mathematician for that matter. You obviously are, many kudos to you.

There is a serious lack of information that is available about this proposed hotel, so an amateur like me might as well dream up numbers and estimates. Basically, I don't trust these investors or the people fronting them.

Anyway, I just feel like us Dunedinites are being held hostage in terms of information related to this so called hotel. Nothing about it makes sense. All the arguments for this structure have been rebuffed, refuted and the people have said no.

Why keep flogging a dead horse?

Hotel height

@ Iwas: Stop calculating now please its painfully obviously you're not an architectural designer.

93/28 = 3.3m, 3.3m is a pretty stock standard dimension between floor levels. There will likely be a suspended ceiling or similar at 2.4-2.7m to allow a 600mm service void plus approximately a 200-300mm suspended floor slab. 

2.7m ceiling height is normal, how you dreamed up 3.9m is beyond me considering the average human is 1.8m or so tall, why on earth would you have 3.9m? You might think 2.4 or 2.7 is pokey but I bet you $50 your lounge ceiling is one of those two dimensions and you don't even know it. 

Why would you need a 850mm service void also? Considering the largest service requirement will be a 200mm foul water pipe. What are you putting in that requires 850mm?

The lobby will have at least twice the height? An 8m ceiling? Come on now you're just being silly!!


Lost coordinates

Stories, meters. Wars are lost and we all went home.

You can't drag Hector into this

Hector was killed in the Trojan War.

Chinese Hotel

"How many feet/meters are there in a twenty eight storey building?"

How come we got to the 93 metre result as the actual height of the proposed hotel? I calculate an average of the majority of the  stories being 3.9 metres each in inside height. After all, we are not catering to Hobbits, are we? 

The lobby will have to be at least twice that height right? Who wants to walk into a five star hotel with a 3.9 meter high lobby ceiling? Add to all and each of the floors at least another .85m for floor space, duction, wiring, plumbing etc...How high is that now? What about the apartments, are they going to be pokey as an average hotel room? I don't think so, I expect them to be at least an extra foot or so in height; after all you don't want to feel sort of cadged in if you are a long term resident.

There are plenty fof photos' of the superyacht Octopus berthed and she measures 127 meters. If we did a cut and paste on a photo and stood her on the vertical in the vicinity of the site, we will get a better idea of height of the hotel in relation to Dunedin City Central. The idea of floating a balloon is folly. 

I say, end the farce now and get real. 


That's a lot of busy work to get a little balloon.

A Far Far Betterway

Is to miss deadlines. Is this organisation fully committed to the project?

Jumping through hoops!

After reading of the above article I liken the demands of one person to A clown getting A dog to jump through hoops at A circus!

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