Bar pays to be Barmy Army HQ

A Dunedin bar has paid to be invaded by British cricket fan club the Barmy Army and become its official headquarters for five nights next month.

The Terrace Bar duty manager Kelly Gillian said the Barmy Army approached the Octagon bar with an offer to make it its official headquarters, in return for a cash payment and bar tab, when the England cricket team plays the Black Caps in a five-day test match in Dunedin.

The bar would be opening earlier and closing later and would serve English food and play British music and staff would dress in a British theme, he said.

''It will be like a British St Paddy's for five days.''

The bar would host an opening party on Tuesday, March 5, and an exit party on March 10 and would have extra security working during the period, he said.

The cost to secure the rights and the exclusive use of the words ''Barmy Army'' for marketing was confidential, he said.

''But it's an amount you'll get back,'' Mr Gillian said.

The Otago Daily Times understands the bar paid the Barmy Army $5000 and included a $2000 bar tab.

Mr Gillian said Barmy Army members would get subsidised drink prices.

If the five-day test match finished earlier than scheduled, the army would stay in Dunedin for the same amount of time, he said.

''These guys will just stick around and drink.''

Eight hundred Barmy Army members were registered for the tour of New Zealand, Mr Gillian said.

The Terrace Bar owner John Macdonald said the size of the bar and the Barmy Army's need to be ''fed and watered'' was ''a good fit''.

The bar had a capacity for 350 patrons, he said.

The owners of Ra Cafe & Bar, Alibi Bar and Restaurant and Stuart St Brew Bar told the Otago Daily Times they were not approached by the Barmy Army to be its headquarters. The Barmy Army website said it was the United Kingdom's largest organisation aimed at helping cricket fans support the England cricket team.


Yep... they are English. Would we expect anything else from their supporters!?! Could be worse, could be their football team coming here!

What they are for many onlookers

Whatever. They are basically a pub crawling group of yobbos intent on getting drunk and having 'a good time.'


Cheers for the detail Max_Power, I was not aware of that. 

As I am sure are the majority of people in GB - given that even before 1992 the team were never referred to as anything other than "England" I can't imagine their supporters are really bothered about whether Scotland or Wales were/are included.

This is just part of an ongoing gripe of mine, whereby everything related to "Britain" is referred to as "England/English" - including, I have to assume, the question in the NZ Census which asks which country you were born in.  Unless of course they mean to give you a choice of "England" rather than "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".   I realise, of course, that the English are the majority of the population of this country, but they are not the only population in the country - the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish also have a claim to the description "British"

Rant over... for now..  

England and Wales Cricket Board

Technically they sort of are but not quite Britain. They are the England and Wales Cricket Board and the team represents both countries, and until 1992 they included Scotland. 

But if you look at the flags of their supporters you will rarely see a Union Jack and more commonly see a St George's Cross, therefore most people would identify them as England.

English or British

I will be interested to see their interpretations of the concepts of "English" and "British".  By definition everything "English" is "British" but not everything British is English! 

The Barmy Army are England supporters *not* British supporters!  

crying poor soon?

We will have to wait and see how long this bar, along with others, cries poor about having to contribute to an events fund for the city because business is 'tough'.

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