Arrests follow Castle St couch fires

An out-of-control party at a student hot spot ended with four arrests of non-students, including one reveller so intoxicated he required constant police supervision.

The Fire Service was called to extinguish two couch fires at a large Castle St party late on Tuesday, which also attracted the attention of Campus Watch and police.

Acting Senior Sergeant Damion Rangitutia said four partygoers - aged 19-21 - were arrested just before midnight.

Two men and a woman were charged with disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence.

An intoxicated man, who was taken to Dunedin Central Police Station to sober up, was so drunk he required full-time monitoring by police, Acting Snr Sgt Rangitutia said.

Those arrested were likely to receive pre-charge warnings from police.

The occupants of the flat were also likely to face some form of disciplinary action from the University of Otago proctor, he said.

University of Otago student services director David Richardson confirmed those arrested were not from the University of Otago.

Mega Rates

@Girlyswot: Don't blame the students' actions for your high rates bill. We all know the reason they are high is the stadium


I lived on Castle St in '08, and even then I was getting on a bit. My main concern was getting regular supplies of medium dry sherry past the liquor ban.

Billy Joel song

Reading this and the associated comments reminds me of the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Who started the fires?

Girlyswot:  I saw no mention that is was the students who statred the fires.  In fact, the only ones arrested were non-students.

Not the fun police - they are our police

I do not understand how residents defend the behaviour of students that set fires in the street.  Who cares about Castle St? Well I do for one.  Who pays for the damage? Hello? We all do - I pay mega rates and taxes.  Would the students behave like this at home? No. Would they be let off with a pre-charge warning? No.  Are they out of control? Yes. 
I was a student. I didn't behave like this - why do they think it is OK to come to Dunedin and offend?  Because we let them. We say "Oh, they are young and are just having fun".  If a non-student did this we would be telling the judge to throw away the key! Time for them to grow up and make the most their opportunities - many people don't get the chance to come and study.

The Fun Police are at it again

Who really cares what happens in Castle St? No-one lives there other than students anyway so let them have their fun before no-one wants to go to uni here. It's not as if another burning couch will ruin the road there any more than it is already.

Cut them some slack. They are only having a bit of fun before the serious work begins for the year 

Just sayin'

This was the flat at which I observed six drunk males destroying a desk. Obviously not required for study this year.

The vibe I get from the student area already is that this is going to be a bad year for disruption.

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