Ratepayers' group offers to combine forces

Dennis Dorney
Dennis Dorney
The Dunedin Ratepayers and Householders Association has had its feathers ruffled by a potential new council watchdog but its chairman has offered ''an olive branch''.

Calton Hill man Dennis Dorney is holding a public meeting next Tuesday night to gather interest for a group to replace or bolster the association.

He had tried to contact the association and had received an email from its secretary saying they had not had an annual general meeting for two years and the association was to be taken off the incorporated societies list.

''I thought it might be a good idea if someone did something about it ... there is a need for a group of some kind.''

Association chairman Lyndon Weggery said they were ''still keen'' to keep running.

''I have got to check with the secretary, just about the business with the Companies Office. I am hoping they have not wiped us out,'' Mr Weggery said.

He was ''surprised'' Mr Dorney had not contacted him directly but he wanted to ''extend the olive branch'' and combine forces.

''He wants to get things moving ahead which is great for ratepayers in general.''

There was a core group of seven people working behind the scenes and they still had an extensive email list to keep people informed, he said.

Mr Dorney (72) moved to New Zealand five years ago from Australia. He has been involved in several political groups including the Australian Democrats and the Green Party in New Zealand, but is no longer a member of either.

He said any lobbying would ''represent the views of the group''.

Mr Dorney's meeting is in the Brian Arnold Room in Dunedin Community House, Moray Pl, at 7pm on Tuesday.

High Rates 2

@ Stevesone57:  This Waverly property you mention must be one of the lowest value properties in the area. My Pine Hill property with a capital value of $195000 is rated at $1609.51 per annum. I would therefore say most of the properties in Waverly would be rated much more than $1600.

High rates

I don't know much about this rate payer group but it must be of concern to Dunedin locals that we are paying more in rates than some parts of Sydney. A three bedroom house in Waverly attracts rates of $1600 per annum, the equvilent in Merrylands near Parramatta only $1200 per annum. All rate payers should be concerned that Dunedin has huge debts and that their rates are being raised at double the rate of inflation year on year.

Councils past and present have wasted millions only to come back to rate payers for yet more hand outs. Lets hope our next council understands the concept of living within its means.


Go for it

Combining forces? Then there'll be 14 whingers to whine on.

Oh, how we're quaking in our boots. 

Association needs to go

Death knell for any new effective ratepayers' group in Dunedin if the long-term dysfunctional, uncontactable and infighting-ridden Dunedin Ratepayers and Householders Association manages to defend its supposed territory by absorbing any new initiative.

Judging by past non-performance, it's hard to have confidence in anyone from this group (whoever they might be). 

Nor can common sense support the continuation of an association with a constitution  silly and presumptuous enough to claim the right to speak on behalf of all Dunedin ratepayers unless they write in to opt out.


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