Pedestrian hit by car dies

A Dunedin police officer directs traffic off Cumberland St where an elderly male pedestrian was hit by a car near the St David St intersection yesterday morning. Photo by Gregor Richardson.
A Dunedin police officer directs traffic off Cumberland St where an elderly male pedestrian was hit by a car near the St David St intersection yesterday morning. Photo by Gregor Richardson.
Dunedin police are seeking witnesses to a fatal crash in Cumberland St yesterday in which a pedestrian was hit by a car.

David Norris Duff (79), of Dunedin, was crossing State Highway 1 at the intersection of Cumberland St North and St David St about 10.30am when he was hit by a south-bound white Toyota sedan driven by a 67-year-old East Otago woman.

Mr Duff was taken to Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries and died in hospital ''some time later'', Acting Senior Sergeant Paul McLaughlan said.

The driver was not injured.

Road and weather conditions at the time were clear.

Acting Snr Sgt McLaughlan said it was understood Mr Duff was on a marked road crossing when he was hit.

''Police would like to speak with anybody who witnessed the incident, or was in the vicinity at the time it occurred, particularly any witnesses who saw the elderly gentleman crossing the road at the time of the crash,'' he said.

Those with information were asked to contact Senior Sergeant Phil McDouall, at the Dunedin Central police station, on (03) 471-4800.

The serious crash unit was investigating the incident.

No charges had been laid last night.

Traffic was diverted off SH1 for two hours following the crash.

Highways of the State

Na, wasn't bovvered, dundeeboy, we went by rail, all over the place, on employee family concessions. Interesting points, though. Riccarton road then, is SH, I guess, and old Waltham is virtually no more since Brougham and the Southern went in. The only Cowes Id be interested in is on the Isle of Wight. I digress. Our state highway is the main arterial route. There should be lighted phased pedestrian crossings all the way, not unmarked ones. The pantechnicon movers are top drivers, how do they feel about the built-up Cumberland one way?

State Highways

Obviously Albert you haven't been far outside Dunedin. Travel up the road a bit to Christchurch and see where SH1 goes. If you get hungry you could stop as you come into Christchurch at the Hornby McDonalds and you could do plenty of shopping in the malls which straddle the highway (imagine the number of pedestrians in that vicinity). Try a holiday in sunny Tauranga and travel to the Mount along SH2. If you want to get a bit provincial try SH 3 or 45 in New Pymouth and if you want to see some cows try Hamilton again via SH1.

Remember same road rules apply on all these roads none are motorways.

Spaghetti Junction to Khyber Pass

The road code is nationwide, but not the roading infrastructure. This fatality happened on SH1, possibly the only state highway through the centre of a city. There is a difference. Auckland is ringed by motorways. Queen Street and K Road are not the State Highway.

Nationwide road rules

Scam: Like you, I have driven a number of years in Auckland. Unlike you I don't see it as being any different to the rest of New Zealand, mainly because the road rules are exactly the same whereever you are in the country.

I have not argued that there is no need to give way to pedestrians; what I have pointed out is that the pedestrian does not always have the right of way - two quite different things. I think Trippy got the point of my comment.

I didn't think I was quoting accident rates at you, what I thought I was doing was finishing my comment with a sentence I had seen somewhere earlier - possibly even in your comment I think.

Regarding foot-traffic.

I'm having some difficulty tracking it down in the legislation, although I have found it in the past.  According to the pedestrian road code you're not supposed to cross when the figure is red.  When the figure is green, pedestrians may cross and expect right of way.  At all other times, SR 2004/427 s3.5 would appear to suggest Pedestrians are actually required to give way to vehicles:

3.5 Traffic signals in form of standing or walking human figure
(1) While a special signal for pedestrians indicates a flashing or steady red standing human figure symbol, pedestrians, riders of mobility devices, and riders of wheeled recreational devices who are using the footpath and facing the signal must not enter the roadway.

(2) While a special signal for pedestrians indicates a green walking human figure symbol, pedestrians, riders of mobility devices, and riders of wheeled recreational devices may,—

(a) if facing the signal, enter the roadway to cross towards the signal; and
(b) if a “Pedestrians May Cross Diagonally During Cross” sign is installed, enter the roadway to cross towards the signal or to the diagonally opposite corner of the controlled area

Courtesy and knowledge

Dundeeboy: In other cities, especially Auckland, it is common knowledge that pedestrians usually cross when one flow of traffic gets a green arrow. Now to me, and other good drivers, it is natural to check for and stop for pedestrians crossing there.

What you are saying is - just like those who argued you do not have to give way to pedestrians using a crossing - is you don't really need to do that.

Don't quote accidents rates at me like I am a cause of them. I expect I have driven tens of thousands of kilometres more than you - yet I never had an accident or ticket. I always keep to the left, always give way to pedestrians, follow all traffic signals and signs, and all road rules. [Abridged]

Meanwhile, back with the foot traffic

Er, do we only cross on zebras, then?

Send out SAR

We might need to add to the search and rescue stats relating to another article in this forum as it appears Scam has gone way off track (and may be lost) Scam the inference I take from the title of your second comment is that Emily doesn't understand road rules. Not sure how you come to this conclusion as absolutely nowhere in her comment does she talk about road rules she just points out there was no pedestrian crossing involved. It is your first comment that uses the term pedestrian crossing three times so I believe she has equated this with what we refer to as a zebra crossing and she quite rightly points out there was not one involved.

In your second comment you then switch to marked road crossing but it seems you don't know the rules for these as you state 'meaning turning traffic must give way' when this is not always the case.

No wonder Dunedin has the highest intersection accident rate per capita in New Zealand!

Yet another example of road rules understanding

EmmaMilly, are you a driver on Dunedin roads?  I ask this, becuse if you believe people using a marked road crossing, meaning turning traffic must give way to them, are at fault if they get hit - It worries me a great deal.

Secondly, no where in my comment did I say the pedestrian was on a pedestrian crossing - I was commenting on the abismal std of Dunedin drivers - which from your comments I am guessing you are defending?  By the way, yes I live in Dunedin, but no - I am not a 'long term Dunedin driver', as I am from Auckland, where generally speaking, most drivers know how to drive, as do I - which is why I have never had an accident or had a ticket in my 30 years of driving.

No wonder Dunedin has the highest intersection accident rate per capita in New Zealand! 


What is a marked road crossing?

Since it is not a pedestrian crossing, who or what is this crossing for?

There was no pedestrian crossing...

GW_Scam..are you from the area? You seem to have assumed the man was using a pedestrian crossing? The article states he was on a marked road crossing, but seeing as I walk there every day (and I walked passed about 5 minutes after the crash and saw what had happened) I can promise you there is no pedestrian crossing! 


When will it stop?

It was only a few weeks ago on the ODT website I argued with other drivers about the laws around pedestrian crossings. Incredibly, those opposing my statements argued they did not have to give way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing.
Again I have to state the number of drivers I see drive around pedestrians on crossings in Dunedin, instead of stopping.  Again I have to state the numerous vehicles I see on a daily basis speeding through orange lights, red lights, through Stop signs, etc.  Yet - again I have to ask why is it the Police do not appear to be actively doing anything about these issues, and they grow worse seemingly by the week in Dunedin.
Every day I have discussions with others who ask the same questions. Why are drivers in Dunedin so terribly bad? Why do they not follow the most basic of road rules, like keep left, follow traffic signals, etc? [Abridged]


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