DCC living wage concerns

Paul Orders
Paul Orders
Introducing a ''living wage'' for all Dunedin City Council's low-paid employees could cost the council at least $34,000.

The council has been asked to support the Kiwi Living Wage Campaign, which is calling for low-paid workers to be paid a minimum of $18.40 an hour to enable them to fully participate in society. The minimum wage is $13.74.

The Hamilton City Council this week became the first city in New Zealand to adopt a living-wage policy and other councils around the country were considering it.

Dunedin City Council chief executive Paul Orders said the council was ''sympathetic'' to the principle of a living wage but its implications had to be considered.

It had 69 staff (21 full-time equivalents), mostly in the library and aquatic areas, who were paid below the living-wage level, he said.

Council managers were looking at the impact adopting a living wage would have on its salary structure and would consider it during wage negotiations.

If the council brought staff now receiving less than the living wage up to that level, there could be implications for staff on grades just above the living-wage level, he said.

Extending the living-wage policy to its contractors could have implications on rates, as well as the viability of those businesses, he said.

''They are likely to push some of their additional costs on to the DCC in terms of higher prices for their services.''

The council's procurement policy was also being reviewed and benchmarked against best practice, Mr Orders said.

''As well as considering the results of that review, we will be taking into account a variety of issues raised by councillors and the public around how we could improve our procurement, not least to maximise the impact of our expenditure on local businesses.''

The council already required suppliers to meet certain health and safety standards and was looking at doing the same with insurance, he said.

''Making changes of this nature needs to be done with care.''


Reduce Paul Orders' salary

Reduce Paul Orders' salary by 34k, he won't notice.

"Mr Orders would also begin work with a total remuneration package worth between $340,000 and $360,000 per annum, putting him in the same range as Mr Harland's pay of $346,725 per annum after 11 years' service, council staff confirmed." ODT Thu, 30 Jun 2011


Needs further consideration

This decision does warrant further consideration, why should rate payers on the minimum wage be forced to pay for others to be given a pay rise simply because it's a feel good topic? Innapropriate pity always seems to win out but has no place in deciding how to spend other people's money, if you don't like being on the minimum wage do something about it, not expect others to fork out for your predicament.

Council living wage

Thirty-odd thousand to give council workers on low incomes an increase to the living wage is a no brainer.

Those on far more within the council have wasted countless millions on luxuries. Maybe they should be put on the living wage come election time. I'm sure they would be unhappy with less.

The council water department is going to save money by contracting out. There seems little point to such making savings and cutting jobs when such efforts are totally wasted by councillors with a bad spending habbits who still sit in positions of power at the council table.

This wage increase would be money far better spent 


Redistributing income wealth

$34,000 is not much in the scheme of things. The real point is the money is there if you redistribute the income of others. There are people in the DCC, and its CCO's, who earn far more than that and don't need to get as much as they are paid.[Abridged]


Increase it

AF: The ocean has a natural concentration of fluoride in it more than twice that of our water supply. If you're seriously worried about the environmental consequences of runoff from our domestic water supply surely you would want to increase the amount of fluoride in our water rather than decrease it.

Save the money

Stop the fluoride chemicals being added to the public drinking water supply and use the money saved. Ninety-nine percent of fluoridated water ends up on your lawn, in your toilet and down the drain, where it’s really an environmental pollutant.

So what?

Take it out of the stadium budget and do someone some good.

Simple solution

Put ALL Council staff on the wage of $18.40 per hour.  After all, it's a "living wage", isn't it?  I bet that would save money...

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