Dunedin woman superglues lips together

A Dunedin woman was tightlipped when she rang 111, after mistakenly gluing her lips together.

Police received a call from St John just before midnight requesting Dunedin Police attend a job in South Dunedin yesterday.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said the woman "sounded gagged or possibly had a medical condition''.

"She could only grunt.''

Police attended and found a 64-year-old woman had "mistaken a tube of superglue for lip cream'' and had glued her lips together.

She was taken to Dunedin Hospital, and is understood to have been released.


I'm speechless - and so was she!

I have to ask why the superglue was beside the lig cream.  And why do you need lip cream in the dark?  I suppose her lips were dry and she couldn't be bothered to put the light on.  Seems a bit weird but we all do things others would raise their eyebrows at so who am I to judge?  And although it sounds funny and I keep picturing the 111 call I am sure it was traumatic.  She could have had a cold and then with super-glued lips she would have suffocated - which isn't funny.  I hope you are ok Dunedin Woman - and put the superglue in the drawer in the kitchen where it belongs!


The Christchurch girl uses ezy2c Luminous.

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