Offshore wells get permits

Ten new permits have been granted for oil exploration in New Zealand, including two off the coasts of Otago and Southland.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges announced the second round of block offers yesterday at Parliament.

Five of the permits were for onshore exploration in Taranaki and the East Coast.

The other five were for offshore exploration in the Reina-Northland, Taranaki and Great South Canterbury Basins.

Woodside Energy Holdings and New Zealand Oil and Gas have together been granted a permit to explore an area off the southeast coast of Southland, east of Stewart Island.

New Zealand Oil and Gas has been granted a permit to explore an area off the coast from Moeraki.

Both companies must complete seismic testing within a year from April 2014.

The block offer attracted three new international companies to prospect in New Zealand and, if testing is positive, could be worth up to $720 million collectively.

Yesterday's announcement launches one of the country's largest oil and gas exploration seasons, with 13 wells being drilled offshore and about 30 onshore.

Gulf of Mexico?

I bet you say that before all the good well blowouts HypeO. All the furry, scaly and feathery critters coughing oil out of their lungs or gills in the Gulf of Mexico because of cost cutting by 'reputable' oil companies must have taken great solace in your biblical references and the knowledge that they'd as good as won the lottery.

Hold the tears

The Observer announces she weeps "for New Zealand's defenseless wildlife", pre-empting an improbable failure of offshore wells resulting in significant (like, more than a car having been pushed over a cliff into the sea) leak of oil.  

Improbable in the same way as winning  Lotto, not impossible. Perception of both is distorted.  Lotto winners are publicised because it's bigtime news, the numbers of ticket buyers who over the years have not won is not news.

By all means carry a clean hanky.  Catching a cold is more likely so the handkerchief will be handy, but go easy on the grief.

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" — Matthew 6:34

I weep

I weep for New Zealand's defenseless wildlife.

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