Roadworks slow Dunedin commuters to a crawl

Traffic at a crawl on SH88. Photo by Chris Morris
Traffic at a crawl on SH88. Photo by Chris Morris
Harbour commuters heading into Dunedin on SH88 this morning were stuck in traffic for up to an hour because of roadworks.

Otago Daily Times reporter Chris Morris said it had taken him 50 minutes to drive from Burkes to Ravensbourne, a drive that would usually take less than 10 minutes.

The disruption was caused by roadworks in the 70km zone between Ravenbourne and Forsyth Barr Stadium.

The bottleneck has eased and traffic is now flowing.

NZTA Senior Network Manager John Jarvis apologised for the delays road users encountered this morning, and said the agency was taking steps to ensure they were not repeated. 

The soft ground conditions meant traffic was unable to drive much over 5kmh, causing long traffic queues.

"When removing old asphalt, you can never be totally sure of what ground conditions you will find and that is what has occurred on this section of road at 6am this morning."

Motorists could expect delays of 7-8 minutes on the road this afternoon due to the uneven surface.

Mr Jarvis said minor work was being carried out today on the traffic lane to Port Chalmers between the Parry Street roundabout and Ravensbourne so it could handle traffic at speeds of 50kmh by 3pm this afternoon.

However, because of the amount of traffic around with a cruise ship in Port Chalmers, delays of up to 10 minutes were still possible.

"We suggest road users allow up to 20 minutes extra travel time at peak times."

Overnight, the focus will be on getting the Port Chalmers to Dunedin lane up to the same standard, so road users do not experience lengthy delays tomorrow morning.

The resurfacing work is expected to be completed next Wednesday.


We wish

Just move up here to Auckland where drivers would love to be able to move that in that on our motorway in rush hour which means 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night if there is no crashes then you can just pull off the road and have a few hours nap.


There's no need to ride on the open road between Maia and town.  There's a cycleway.

This has nothing to do with DCC departments; the contractor will schedule work to suit their constraints. 

Not about cars v bikes

Some of us are fearful of riding a bike on the open roads that cars travel on so we have to fit in.

Happy for you to be able to do it, but the concern here is not between bikes and automobiles. It's about departments at the DCC to have the nous to talk with each other and provide a streamlined system that works for all, especially when it concerns school and work schedules.  

This congestion would have been alleviated if the problem of the top road had been a priority.  But because of our huge debt and needing to save we on this side of the harbour are being penalised because of DCC debt and nature. 

12 minutes

Twelve minutes by bicycle, from the boatshed at Maia to the marina at FBS on the Harbour cycleway.  Same as it is every day.  What were you guys doing?

And the prize for...

biggest drongo award goes to whoever scheduled major road works on a major arterial route in the middle of morning peak traffic.

Given the time it took to travel between the first lagoon and Maia (a distance of about 300-400 meters), about 40 minutes, I would estimate the traffic would easily have been backed up to Sawyers Bay, if not Port chalmers.

Added to this the fact the alternative route over Upper Junction Rd is still closed due a landslip in June and you will have hundreds of very irate people this morning.

Well done Downers.

Welcome to Dunedin

Welcome to Dunedin the passengers of the Dawn Princess, I am sure you will find this senic trip into town one of the highlights of your voyage. Bad planning.

Roadworks Ravensbourne

45 minutes to get from the speed camera at Ravensbourne to the stop/go sign just past the fertiliser works.  Bad organsiation.

DCC debt

This wouldn't be happening if the top road was open.

We continue as residents to pay the price for this rugby fetish here in Dunedin.  It's so tiresome and undemocratic. 

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