Richardson St cycleway swaps sides after community feedback

A separated cycleway in Richardson St, South Dunedin, is to be formed on the south side of the road, rather than the north side as originally planned.

Dunedin City Council staff notified residents of the change in a letter this month.

Senior transportation planner Lisa Clifford said two-way cycle lanes in residential areas were relatively new in New Zealand and there were road safety concerns at the T-intersections.

Such concerns were relieved by removing one or two parking spaces near T-intersections.

After a review of the Richardson St proposal following wide public consultation on the proposed South Dunedin cycle network, the council decided to move the cycleway to the opposite side of the street along the St Clair School frontage. Primarily, it was safer because it crossed fewer intersections and less parking would be lost.

Revised plans for Richardson St were sent to affected parties two weeks ago, with consultation ending yesterday.

The plans involved a 3m-wide cycle lane beside the footpath, with a lane for car parking between the cycle and traffic lanes.

The parking lane would have a buffer zone so passengers did not open their doors and step out into the cycle lane.

The footpath would not be narrowed, although she was unable to confirm until detailed concept drawings were done how much narrower the traffic lanes would be.

''We will monitor the new facility to ensure there are no issues arising.''

The arrangement would be the first of its type in Dunedin and residents had been positive about the lane, particularly where they perceived there was a problem with speeding that could be addressed by the improvements.

The detailed design would be done early next year and work was expected to start in April.

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