Stolen medals 'irreplaceable'

Thousands of dollars worth of irreplaceable Masonic medals have been stolen from the lodge's Dunedin centre in a Christmas crime which has disgusted members.

About 100 medals, called Masonic jewels by Freemasons, were ripped from display boards hung on walls of the Manor Pl building between Monday night and Christmas morning.

At least three of the medals were pre-1900 and made from gold.

Those would each be worth between $300 and $400, Dunedin Masonic Hall Company Ltd board of directors chairman Brian Hastie said.

Others were made of brass, and all had the names of recipients inscribed on them as well as the date they were presented.

Mr Hastie said the ''newer'' medals each cost about $85, and were bought by the lodge to give to members for various positions and achievements.

''All the jewels that were stolen belonged to members who have died and their families have given them back to the lodge. They are irreplaceable - they meant a lot - and they're quite sought-after,'' he said.

Mr Hastie said an initial break-in happened at the lodge centre between late Monday and early Tuesday, which he discovered about 3pm on Christmas Eve.

He said a second burglary occurred between late Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, which he reported to police that afternoon.

''How they [thieves] got in I don't know. They smashed the glass covers of the medal boards and stripped the jewels off, but they have left some behind.''

He did not know why some medals were taken and others not.

''A lot of them are over 100 years old. It's very disappointing.''

Mr Hastie said there were what appeared to be three bullet holes in the exterior and interior glass doors of the building's upper level.

He thought they were made by an air gun, but did not know if entry was gained to the building through those doors or by other means.

The complex had been locked as usual, he said. The lodge had insurance for structural damage.

Dunedin police yesterday photographed the smashed medal boards and spoke to lodge members.

They were also shown photographs of the medals, which were taken a few years ago by the lodge.

Lodge robbery

Hopefully, it is nigh impossible to fence or sell Masonic insignia. Return them.

Pathetic examples

It is a pity that the scum that steal items like this are unlikely to read newspapers. If they did they could begin to understand what pathetic examples of humanity they represent.

Don't tell me: the thieves had a hard upbringing and need sympathy. What rot!

Hopefully the Police will do their job in this case and circulate details of the stolen goods, and anybody that deals with them will commit an offence of handling tainted goods or receiving stolen goods.

I am disgusted.

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