Students leave behind trail of trash

The students are gone but the clean-up goes on.

The student area is more or less deserted but traces of 2013 are plain to see on the streets of North Dunedin in these photographs taken yesterday evening.

Scroll through the thumbnails and click the photos to enlarge.


Blamed in Eire

I'm with freepaddy: how would students have spread the rubbish if most vacated two months ago?

Landlords aren't stupid either

Freepaddy is correct. Landlords are busy at present making flats presentable for the next influx of students.  Landlords aren't stupid either. They have seen when students leave all  their stuff, the ratepayers foot the bill for the clean up. I guess many landlords will take advantage of this also.

The why

It's a combination of many of them who have no car and the immature but accurate attitude of "I got ripped off in rent this year so the landlord can deal with it, I'm off!"

A bond from landlords?

A bond should be taken to deal with this problem by the DCC from the owners of all properties, just like a bond that is taken by the landlord for any damage done to the property by a tenant.

Landlords should give a final inspection before releacing their bond back to the tennants and this should include rubbish on the outside.

Student rubbish

Given that most of the students had vacated these flats around 10 November after the last day of exams and the DCC completing weekly rubbish rounds since that date, it is more likely that the rubbish that has appeared on the streets recently has arrived there courtesy of the landlords who are cleaning their flats up.

The University and the DCC worked hard all year to keep the streets clear of this mess and in the main there has been a significant improvement made over recent times.

I have walked around this area many times over the past month or so and would suggest that on this occasion the students are being hard done by.

normal people?

Why can't students be like normal people and take the rubbish to the tip like we have to? Also why are the captions below the photos making it out to be a joke? is NOT!

To be expected

As I recall, there was no inorganic collection at the end of the 2013 academic year. Yes there were skips provided but with such a nanny university, it is too much to expect students to bundle up their refuse and take it down to the overflowing skips. Especially larger items such as these. It's surprising that there weren't more impromptu bonfires of such detritus after exams. 

There's got to be a better way for the council to deal with this transient population.  

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