Crackdown on illegal Taieri fishers

Ian Hadland
Ian Hadland
Fish and Game is cracking down on people fishing without a licence in the lower Taieri River, which is seen as a hot-spot for illegal fishing.

Those fishing in the area spoken to by the Otago Daily Times were confused about the rules and under the impression no licence was needed when fishing on the river past the bridge at Taieri Mouth where the river meets the ocean.

Fish and Game Otago operations manager Ian Hadland said the idea no licence was needed below the bridge was a bit of ''local folklore'', which was contributing to high numbers of illegal fishers in the area.

''It's a combination of good weather and rumoured good catches, which has drawn just about every man and his dog on to the lower Taieri River and that's been coupled with a misunderstanding about where a licence is and isn't required.''

''If people are targeting trout or salmon then there is no question that a licence is required and even if they have got gear that can take trout or salmon then one is required.''

The area under Fish and Game jurisdiction extended 500m out to sea from the river mouth and only those ''legitimately'' trying to target fish other than salmon or trout could fish without a licence.

Fish and Game had spent the last couple of years educating people about the rules, but was now going to take a ''hard line'', which meant seizing gear and writing offence notices.

''The most recent case there was three guys in a boat; they had three trout on board and they were trying to claim you don't need a licence to catch trout, which is just not the case.''

Between 20 and 30 warnings were issued in the area last year and in the past couple of weeks it had caught out four offenders, which was a lot for such a short amount of time.

''It's a bit of a hot-spot for us ... and we need to make the point that a licence is required.''


Legal law of Taieri Mouth

I was just talking to Ministry of Fisheries Wellington and they told me in no way do you need a licence for the aim to catch sea fish only so this Otago Fish and Game need to tidy up their legal ways of patroling waterways as they need to tidy up their act.

And Otago Fish and Game need to take down their sign and put their writing on the sign correctly and not this 500 metres as this a joke on its own as where did some one get a 500 metre tape and where is the 500 metres peg to state the legal fishing boundries.

Been fishing for 50 years and now this

I was one of those people who got kicked out from Taeiri Mouth as I didn't have a licence over the issue where it is very legal to fish there at taeiri mouth with out a licence and it sounds like this man Mr Ian Hadland needs to understand the law a bit better. So over the issue that every one must have a fishing licence to fish there so why doesn't this appeal to all rivers where the rivers meet the sea? But it's not as if I can fish without a licence at Fortrose and the same in the Christchurch and even with the ranger up there on the Waimak as that's not illegal so why is Taieri Mouth.

Licences are not expensive

Daily licences are expensive but yearly ones are not. Where else can you have that much fun and access to so many streams, rivers and lakes for a few dollars a week. Fish and Game also do other work which is partly funded by licence fees. You are not solely getting charged for being able to fish.


Fishing licence

New Zealand must surely be one of the cheapest places to fish for salmon and trout on the planet.  The licence is worth every penny. Try fishing in Scotland and see what it costs!

Fish and Game claim ---

Fish and Game claim "The area under Fish and Game jurisdiction extended 500m out to sea from the river mouth."

Where legally does the river meet the ocean,at the Bridge or where?

Who deems of where "The Legally" of the river mouth starts, the fisherman or Fish and Game Otago?

These questions and more were thrashed out with The Otago Acclimatisation Society in the early 1960s and it was agreed by all at that time that no license was required to fish below the bridge.

What's changed?

Fishing licence

Maybe the number of people fishing without a licence reflects the ever increasing cost of getting one.

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