Demolition starts on clubrooms

Watching the old Brighton Surf Life Saving Club building being demolished came with a twinge of sadness for club patron and life member Maurice Bell, who helped build it back in 1976.

However, despite all his memories of the old building, Mr Bell, who was president at the time it was built, was pleased the $465,000 project to build a new club was taking another step forward.

''It's a big step for our new club to see the old one come down,'' he said.

It took only about half an hour for the building to be flattened yesterday morning, leaving the way open for work to start on the new building on January 20.

''The great thing about it is that Fulton Hogan have donated their time and machinery to do the job, and we have club members providing security.''

The club also wanted to thank G.J. Gardner Homes, which was taking on the surf life-saving club as a community project and had provided a temporary clubhouse.

''Without G.J. Gardner's support we could not do this.''

The new 330sq m building, due to open about halfway through this year, would be a facility for the whole community and not just the life-saving club, Mr Bell said. The old building had limitations in terms of storage, and to add to it was not economic.

Rebuilding committee convener Scott Weatherall said the project was about ''future-proofing'' the club for another 35 years.


Re: We tried

I see the inherent problem, building it with no actual floor of its own and on to concrete would pose problems!  I guess at the time they never considered they would need to go for bigger.  Thanks for the insight.

We tried

Hi, My name is Jared Ruru at Freedom Realty Ltd. We did try and sell the old club house with a lot of interest but when they looked closer at it, it was not so viable. It was on a concrete slab so it couldn't be picked up and relocated. It would have taken a long time taking it apart in segments and not so good to try and put back together. One guy was going to do this and sell it in parts at his yard but he would of taken months taking it apart and moving it. This could have been an option but then he said there wasn't enough room at his yard. The top part could have been re-located but with the low roof and that it had actually already been added onto a few time was not so attractive. Another thing was if we had a cheap piece of land nearby to put it would have been great. 

Hope this is good feedback- we would of loved to sell it, it would of helped a lot towards fundraising.

Sold and resited?

Couldn't the original buildings have been sold and resited?

'A' frame buildings and the other from 1976 are still relatively modern as far as buildings go.  While the need for new rooms is understood and uneconomic to add to the existing,  seems a terrible waste they just tore them apart with a digger, buildings like that could easily be sold, trucked away and put on another bit of land. 

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