Campaign against oil drilling launched

Photo by Gregor Richardson. Launching the ''Anadarko - Wish You Weren't Here'' campaign at St Clair Beach yesterday are (from left) Dennis Dorney, Green Party energy spokesman Gareth Hughes and Carol Henderson.

The protest, attended by about a dozen people, was part of a summit organised at Age Concern in Dunedin this weekend to highlight the possible environmental and economic risks posed by the deep-sea oil drilling project off the Otago coast by United States oil company Anadarko.

Literally one of the worst deals in the world

It is time for the business minded types in New Zealand to get off their duffs and look into just exactly how the oil and gas extraction business is being conducted here.  In fact, the Nationals have negotiated almost the worst royalties and benefits rates in the world for selling out to oil interests that wish to drill in the land of "100% Pure".

In fact, Papau New Guinea, Tunisia and the Phillipines are among the 50+ nations in the world, developing and industrialised, that have struck a better deal for themselves for oil rights and revenues.

So is going ahead at this time with oil drilling really the best for Dunedin and New Zealand?  The government is reportedly mulling over how to make a better deal...why not wait and get a reasonable return on the risk?  Why does New Zealand have to sell out so cheaply that it is embarrassing?

Why not look into this deal instead of just assuming that we are going to be awash in money very shortly - that is such a fool's game.

Why would we risk our environment and valuable clean green brand for the fourth lowest Government take in the world?


Works both ways

lovedunedin, because there isn't social media, a Green party website, an ODT article the day before the protest, a general consensus that the Greens get a fair ride in the media and good old word of mouth right?

I would agree with the freedom of speech but it's a two way street, they have a right to protest, but if anything sometimes protestors even in the general workplace also can undermine business and that's my view, not that protestors don't have a place though but they should tale measures like not use hydrocarbon vehicles if they were fully passionate and then I wouldn't say anything.

alternative to drilling

I wouldn't mind the oil protesters or for that matter any other greenie, if they could come up with a green alternative to drilling etc. That would create jobs and wealth, but they don't they just jump on the band wagon and talk about the same old fears, and call anyone who disagrees with them dumb or uncaring about the environment which is not the case for many of us we just thing that there needs to be a balance of caring for the environment and a duty of care to the people who live in it.. If they could come up with a good idea I for one would back it no matter what I think of greenies personally.

I was forced to move from my home on the west coast of the South Island (a place that I love) in order to find a job. So you see I have no love for tree huggers or others of their ilk, but I would still be willing to back their ideas if that idea meant jobs and wealth for Otago. If people here in Dunedin want to see Dunedin going the same way as the west coast which is all but dead now with all the young moving away because we can no longer mine or cut the trees, then just carry on as you are. Did you know that a Greenpeace collector who stand on the street all day or knocks on your door is being paid $18 per hour to do so. In a sense I guess that is a green alternative to create employment. And to anyone who would say the $18 is bs ring and ask Greenpeace or wait an till they spend large sums of money you have donated to them an advert asked for collectors. You might get a surprise where your money is going


Lovedunedin.....freedom of speech is a two way street. The fact that some people choose to exercise their freedom of speech with a view contrary to the 12 who turned up to this little gathering does not make a conspiracy. I wonder how these protestors arrived at the same location.......if I was a betting man I'd suggest that not everybody swept in on a bicycle or sandals. There is no escaping the hypocrisy that is so obvious in everything these people say.....that's why so few people turned up.

risks versus benefits

As with the stadium debate we once again have the scenario of people minimising the risks and exaggerating the benefits of oil drilling. Curiously some of the bloggers here have changed tack and adopted tired right wing agendas to suit their case. They seem more intent on mocking people like Crs Mc Tavish and Hawkins rather than playing the issue. The future is more theirs rather than us approaching our dotage!


Oil protest

Many others would have been there if they had known about it. 

Judging by some crass comments there seems to be a campaign underway to undermine protesters. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and thought?

Statistically speaking

That turnout is a whopping 0.012% of the neurosurgery protest. 


12 protesters versus 120,000 - hardly convincing as they will be contemplating their fossil fueled journey back and taxpayer funded for one. I think Time for a welcome party for Anadarko.

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