Anadarko to meet pro-oil group

Alan Seay.
Alan Seay.
Anadarko's representatives will be back in Otago today for meetings, including one with members of the new Pro Oil and Gas Otago group in Dunedin.

Anadarko New Zealand corporate affairs manager Alan Seay confirmed he would meet members of the group in Dunedin, before travelling north to introduce himself to the new Mayor of Oamaru, Gary Kircher.

''I'm down in Dunedin probably once a month, meeting various people, so there's no particular reason for meeting this [group]. I just thought I'd call in and say hello on the way through,'' he said.

Pro Oil and Gas Otago spokeswoman Robyn Broughton said the group had initiated the meeting, which would be attended by two of its members, Mr Seay and a second Anadarko representative.

The group aimed to ''re-establish connections'' with Anadarko, and ''provide certainty to them over who is involved with our group''.

''Some of our members have been personally involved with the bid to attract the oil and gas industry to Dunedin for the last five or six years,'' she said.

The meeting would be informal, with no set agenda, and would be held in the boardroom of an associated business in Dunedin, she said.

The group was created last week by Dunedin businessmen wanting to show support for the oil and gas industry and to counter ''scaremongering'' by protest group Oil Free Otago, Mrs Broughton said earlier this week.

Oil Free Otago spokeswoman Rosemary Penwarden has denied her group was scaremongering, and indicated more protest activity like last Sunday's ''blockade'' of Otago Harbour could be expected soon.

Oil and gas

Ms Penwarden's comments are noted but risk management is integral to buisiness-decision making sustainability in the oil and gas industry. Corporate sustainability and risk remediation are fundamental mitigation implemtation frameworks, increasingly balanced into risk management strategies, and risk evaluation/ assessments as adopted by the NZ government's recent legislation: Re offshore oil and gas exploration. Oil& gas HSE policy adoptions are stringently adhered to, which reflects the high regard with which American exploration companies are viewed worldwide. [abridged]

Q-Worst royalty deal in the world? A-NZ

Almost. Out of 45 countries with oil/gas deals, New Zealand has put itself in the position of #42. The 42nd worst deal in the entire world for $ earned on allowing foreign oil companies in to profit on their oil resources. Even Papua New Guinea somehow made a better deal. And Tunisia. And Angola. Australia did much better, as did Egypt, Bolivia, Norway and Indonesia. I direct anyone to search "Graph International Petroleum Taxation report, prepared for the Independent Petroleum Association of America", and a piece ironically called "Are We Being Royally Screwed?" by NZ writer Gareth Hughes.

The business "leaders" talk loud and proud about lifting the economy, but turn a blind eye to the fact that New Zealand is selling herself cheaper than third world underdeveloped countries, including some really desperate ones.

Why? Isn't it time for business "leaders" to truely and factually assess NZ's business position and leverage for something better? Are NZ business "leaders" that desperate for a deal?

More time, more study is needed before proceeding. This is simply good business.

Pro Oil and Gas Otago - I directly challenge you to review the figures and find your way to a better deal. National is failing on this and it will backfire badly and reflect miserably on the entire pro-business community.

Pretty positive

2030+ FB "Likes" and growing. Also growing number of vehicles with Offshore drilling bumper stickers to counter the ironic Oil free ones on vehicles.


nzpudding, and others. 

They (we) are not wanting sympathy or in fact empathy either. We are protesting in good faith and for a good reason. Yes we do drive cars and so on but we also have the forethought to know that relying on oil or gas cannot continue forever so why not try to implement some sort of change now. Fossil fuels will run out. Stereotyping the protesters will get the Pro Oil people absolutely nowhere. Some comments I read here actually shows their apathy.

We can see both sides of the coin and we are man/women enough to stand up for what we believe and know is true. Are you!


This is a list of the oil

This is a list of the oil response kit from the manifest of the Noble Bob Douglas, Do you feel safe now? Please say it is a joke! Environmental protection is never economically feasable. 

The documentation lists the Contents of the “Environmental Spill Response Kit” to be carried on board the drill ship:
“The kit on the drillship includes:
•          15-4’ socks, 5-8’ socks, 190 pads, 16 pillows;
•          2-10 lb Albozorbit, 15 disposable bags with ties;
•          4 pair of nitrile gloves, 4 pairs silvershield gloves;
•          4 each splash resistant goggles, 4-Tyvek coveralls XL;
•          1 non-sparking shovel; and
•          1 emergency response guidebook.”
(page 58-59, Anadarko Discharge Management Plan from the Environmental Impact Assessment.)

Cath Wallace said it is clear Anadarko envisages a maximum of four people to respond: with one shovel.  “The ‘socks’ are four feet and eight feet long: hardly sufficient to protect the ocean.  Their total length is about 30 metres for a 230 m long ship.”

More disruption to good folk?

So Oil Free Otago spokesman Rosey Pendragon says there's going to be more protests soon, for goodness sake woman, can you stop trying to disrupt the lives of every day Dunedinites, it's not the way to gain sympathy for your cause.

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