Protest vessel arrives

Protest yacht SV Tiama berths with its motor running in Dunedin yesterday. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Protest yacht SV Tiama berths with its motor running in Dunedin yesterday. Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
A veteran protester arrived in Dunedin yesterday to help the city quit its oil addiction.

Protester Henk Haazen, of Bluff, said he arrived in Dunedin about 6am yesterday on board his sailing yacht SV Tiama.

He was here for a peaceful protest, he said.

''We are not intending to break the law. We just want to show Anadarko that deep sea oil exploration is just too dangerous and that they should move on to other technologies.''

Despite his beliefs, he cruised up Otago Harbour on diesel power yesterday, on the ''perfect'' still morning.

''We are totally addicted to oil. We need to wean ourselves off our oil addiction,'' he said.

Oil Free Otago spokeswoman Niamh O'Flynn said about 20 people from the group welcomed Mr Haazen.

Veteran protester Henk Haazen.
Veteran protester Henk Haazen.
Ms O'Flynn said Mr Haazen had a wealth of knowledge and experience of protesting at sea.

''He knows exactly how the logistics of these kinds of operations work.''

After the welcome, Oil Free Otago members prepared its ''flotilla plans'' for the arrival of Noble Bob Douglas, Anadarko's drilling ship due to sink a test well 60km off the Otago Peninsula coast, at the southern margin of the Canterbury Basin this month.

Shell New Zealand was already undertaking a seismic survey off the Otago coast. Pro Gas Otago spokesman Andrew Whiley said he ''struggled'' with people protesting against oil exploration in Dunedin, when it was a gas exploration.

''I'm really confused.''

Mr Haazen said Mr Whiley had incorrect information, as oil and gas were being sought.

''Most likely, there is going to be gas there, but if they find oil, are they just going to leave it in the ground?''


Why no electric motor I wonder

If he is such opponent of oil and its use why has he not installed an electric motor on broad the SV Tiama .. After all from what I have seen he has 2 wind turbines on board to power the yacht. Henk Haazen should live what he preachers and not rely on the oil he does not what drilled. It shouldn't matter what it cost or how hard it would be to install. Whether he likes oil or not it seems he is just as reliant on oil as the rest of us. And uses it to his advantage.


Common sense

Actually it shows common sense motoring into the harbour on a still day - bit of a childish dig from the reporter really. The Taima gets sailed a lot more than most yachts and with minimal use of its engines on the charters I've been on, just for tricky manoeuvres.

'SV Tiama berths with its motor running'

That's comedy gold right there, from the ODT humour dept.

Help quit oil addiction

In the print version this photo shows a puff of smoke coming from the stern of the "sailing"yacht, here to save us from our oil addiction.

The yacht has a motor, without which it could not berth or manouevre in port.

The activist skipper is another "oil free" hypocrite.


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