Organisers happy but crowd down

Organisers are calling Ride the Rhythm's second year a success despite ticket sales being almost half those of last year's event.

Event director Ross Farquhar said Ride the Rhythm, which attracted about 3500 people to Forsyth Barr Stadium on Saturday, was ''really well supported''.

''Ticket sales were a bit slow at the start, but it picked up towards the end,'' he said.

About 6500 attended last year's event which was headlined by the Hollies.

A Ride the Rhythm spokesman, speaking on behalf of promoter Gillian Thomas, said he was unsure why fewer tickets were sold, but Abba tribute band Bjorn Again might have appealed to a younger crowd than the Hollies.

''The Hollies were targeted at that 50-plus age group,'' he said.

Older people had more ''discretionary income'' than younger people, which could have resulted in fewer ticket sales, he said.

A band which targeted older people was an ''absolute possibility'' at future events.

Mr Farquhar believed attendance had ''worked out quite well'' considering there were several other events on in Dunedin on Saturday.

He had received ''nothing but positive feedback''.

There were some ''logistics to work through'', but he hoped to hold the event at Forsyth Barr Stadium again next year.

''It worked out really well. There was very little wear on the surface and . . . it shows the versatility of the stadium,'' he said.

Showjumper Katie McVean, of Mystery Creek, near Hamilton, took first and second place in the $50,000 Super Grand Prix competition, while three riders finished equal first in the high jump.

Mr Farquhar said the quality of riding and horses on show was ''exceptional''.

''From the public's point of view it was quite exciting,'' he said.


Not good enough

Aerosmith played here Anzac Weekend 2013 and we were never informed as to whether the concert was profitable. Nine months on we get 3500 for an ABBA tribute band who would be struggling to draw a crowd at an Australian RSL. DVML lost over a million last financial year, does anyone know what they produce for all the rate payer funds they lose? Hand the booking of the stadium to an events company who work on a contract basis. DVML have had a fair go and have failed utterly, time for them to be wound up.

Logic ....

Max: if the best act that DVML can book in the past 9 months is a bunch of Aussie Abba impersonators then yes either stadium management just isn't delivering despite moving one of their own to Australia to try and book more acts, or the stadium economics just aren't up to hosting real musicians and no one wants to play here. 


reality calls

Max. It looks like neither act was 'great' by those numbers. Accept reality. The event was a flop by any standard.

The make- believe world, where spin replaces reality, is self defeating as well as humourous to watch. 


Max says, "There were no comments atributed to
anyone from the stadium at all''. I never said there were, never the less, the event was held there and patronage dropped was 50% down on a year ago. I don't know why this was but for the organisers to say they were happy with this state of affairs defies logic. Unless of course they have it written into their contract with DVML that only good things can be said about events to the press. 


Stadium logic?

This really has nothing to do with the "stadium logic". It was an event organised individually from stadium management by a private promoter. There were no comments atributed to anyone from the stadium at all. The reason that there were not many there is that musical act was not great. Hardly the fault of the stadium.

Yet another failure

Once again we see how unsuccessful the stadium is at attracting a crowd outside rugby tests or a couple of sold out major Highlanders games. Has a 50% drop to 3500 people attending an event reached a break even number? Again and again we are subjected to the same spin about what a great success anything held at the FSB is. Even a fool can see this had to be an unmitigated financial disaster.

Spinning like a Dancing Queen

I can't think of any other business that would be 'pleased' with a 50% drop in business in a year. But then Stadium logic applies.

a brave face

Talk about putting on a brave face for a disappointing result.....half the ticket sales from last year. I had to laugh at the the Abba band recreation, appealing more to younger people, as an excuse. The real Abba were the seventies when I was young. Now I'm approaching sixty! Thanks for the compliment about being one of the younger set.

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