Pole replaced in upgrade of network

Photo by Linda Robertson.
Photo by Linda Robertson.

A Dunedin lamppost at the ''end of its useful life'' is replaced in Taieri Rd, Dunedin.

A Chorus spokeswoman said more than 1000 poles were being replaced in Dunedin and Mosgiel to deploy the ultrafast broadband (UFB) network.

Many houses were connected to the network overhead, she said.

''This allows for the ongoing copper-based services to be delivered to houses along with the new UFB services. Some power services are also being upgraded as part of this initiative.''

A wooden pole was more suitable than a concrete pole to handle the network load, she said.

Why is wood better?

I guess that all those electrons and photons zooming about  when the network is under load must weigh a lot and must cause the pole to flex in their passing, I guess wood would work so much better than concrete under such a high network load. Or not, what a bunch of marketing hooey and hand waving from Chorus who don't seem to understand their own product.

Or maybe wooden poles are simply less unsightly if you're trying to avoid the point that putting the  cables underground would be even less unsightly.

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