Banners on the Beach protest at St Clair

A protest against Anadarko's drilling off the coast of Otago attracted a crowd of about 300 to St Clair beach in Dunedin today.

Permission granted

Mr Boldor, Welcome aboard as long as you know the difference between a molasses barrel and the real bombs. Aw, jump aboard anyway, won't hurt much if we get it wrong. Perhaps we will open that channel right through to the harbour as the Americans wanted in the 40's. Next big quake here, most of South D will be liquifacted anyway so no great loss.


I am assuming that many of these protesters arrived at St. Clair in petrol powered cars that consume some of the products to be produced by these wells. If they are that passionate, I expect to see them ride everywhere by bicycle.


Captain Speedfreak requesting permission to volunteer as mollasses bomb aimer in the B29 should this become nessesary in the future.

Minimum numbers

macfod just be like me. I don't put any faith in any protest group unless they can generate at least the same number of people who attend the Christmas Parade.

None of the anti groups in town have managed to do that so far and I don't see it ever happening.

I wish I'd known about this sooner

But sadly the B-29's in the shop this week getting larger fuel tanks fitted to supply the 4 huge superchargers that have recently been installed.

I could have loaned it for the day and that would have made a statement towing the banner.

Permission to buzz the beach, sir? We could have come in from the sea at 400mph at 100 feet and plastered the lot of them with molasses.

Sadly for the protesters, a couple of hundred people ain't much of a statement.

Good turnout

Unlike some, it's great to see that hundreds of people have balls enough to protest on what they believe is right. Fossil fuels are not the future, plain and simple. Maybe you are both of those if you can not comprehend that.


How many people live in Dunedin . . .

Ok. 300 people including kids protest ...yawn...hardly a huge show. Loved the fly past with the pro -gas drill banner.

Plenty of fuel guzzlin' cars pulling up as normal.

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