Photos: The morning after the night before

Clean-ups will be the order of the day in parts of north Dunedin today after a day of partying yesterday.


I note from your previous article that "Flatman" visited this flat with a parcel of goodness yesterday afternoon.

Maybe a vacuum cleaner and a rubbish bin were in the care package he provided? 

Do we need to see this?

Really? Do we need to see this in the ODT? It only serves to validate their behaviour.

Traffic management

The traffic management around these events is diabolical. As someone who makes a trip from West Harbour to North East Valley and back most evenings, the lack of appropriate detour signs is apalling. You arrive upon "road closed" barriers once in the thick of the student melee, making it difficult (and a little frightening) to renegotiate your route, when a detour sign two roads back would've mitigated the the problem. 

Lets go and trash their parents' houses

It would be Karma to turn up at their parents and treat their homes this disrespectfully and while I'm fuming lets charge the little Darlings a nominal $100 fee everytime they turn up at ED to intoxicated.

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