Horse poo bin idea 'ridiculous'

Wandering horseman Keith Roberts holds the manure of his horse Zara in Berwick. Photo by Linda Robertson.
Wandering horseman Keith Roberts holds the manure of his horse Zara in Berwick. Photo by Linda Robertson.
The manure trail left on beaches and main streets is legal and practical, and the Saddle Hill Community Board idea of a manure bin stinks, says wandering horseman Keith Roberts.

Mr Roberts (65), of Mosgiel, said he has been around New Zealand four times on his 32-year-old horse Zara and had never picked up her manure.

The idea to install a horse manure bin at Ocean View Recreation Reserve was ridiculous, he said.

When the Taieri Times visited the reserve earlier this month, dog walkers said it was unfair there were no consequences when horse owners failed to clean up manure from the reserve and beach.

Mr Roberts said dogs' faeces were different from horses'.

Dog faeces posed a health risk because they were made up of many unknown ingredients but a horse's was 99.9% grass.

Most young riders could not control a horse when collecting the manure and carrying a shovel and riding a horse was unpractical.

And ''if the horse has come off green grass it's shooting out liquid.''

Board chairman Scott Weatherall said the board was investigating ''achievable'' ways to deal with the manure.

Two ideas were a collection bin, or dumping it in a holding tank at the reserve for human waste from self-contained camper vans.

The logistics would be discussed with the pony club and the Dunedin City Council.

Horse poo

Well I personally don't think the idea should be poo pooed at all. It doesn't matter what is in the poo whether it be dog or horse droppings, it is still poo and should be cleared away. I live out Ocean view way and find horse poo along the beach all the time and along the main road, often in front of my own house and I think it is disgusting. For too long now horses  and their self-absorbed owners have had way too much  freedom. They show absolutely no consideration at all for other people and  should NOT be allowed anywhere near public roads these days with the speeds vehicles now travel at.  I think the least horse owners can do is  clear the mess away that their animals create and take some responsibility for their pets actions.

unknown ingredients!?

Dogs posed a health risk because they were made up of many unknown ingredients but a horse's was 99.9% grass.

Where does he get that from?  Dogs are NOT space aliens they are no different from any other animal.  Where do all these "unknown" ingredients" come from?

Yes, horses eat grass, hay and other vegetation but that does not mean that it all just passes through unchanged!  What exits is the result of digestion and bacterial action and will contain the waste products from these actions what goes out is high in nitrates and other nasties and for one thing must be kept out of any and all waterways.  When it is deposited on a road or similar it ends up in the drains and will be flushed into the nearest waterway.

Piece of Poo

Nothing wrong with a bit of horse manure. As the rider above stated, it is all vegetation and nothing to get too worked up about. 

Not only is it completely impractical to expect riders to collect manure, the idea of placing something as biodegradable as manure in a bin, then paying someone to collect it and dispose of it is patently ridiculous. I have a small dog and always pick up after her, as I should as a dog is a carnivore, and dog faeces really is unpleasant and it's very easy to dispose of. 

As far as I'm concerned, thumbs up for horse manure. As for anyone getting worked up about this, you really have far too much time on your hands.


I can understand it's not practical

I can understand it's not practical to pick up, but I agree something needs to be done at ocean grove. Last time I was there, I watched a young child trip and land in a massive horse poop on the track into the beach. It was a nice hot day, so no dramas to wash it off, but still very unpleasent! At the very least, attempting to cover it with sand would be nice 

Pretend you're part of a community!

Respecting other path users is too much for Mr Roberts ?

Horse owners could hop off and give the poo a flick off the path out of common decency. Whether it is a slippery liquid or not does not affect repect for others be they mums with prams or cyclists or even dog owners trying to walk their dog.

The DCC dog poo rule is a joke as a quick look in the grasses bushes around most beaches will turn up shopping bag wrapped poo dog owners flicked into the bushes.


All poo on the beach is disgusting

Yes horse poo is "different" to that of dogs but it is still disgusting and it stinks.  The walking track to Ocean View from the carpark is often covered in horse manure and usually people have to navigate through it in bare feet or jandals. 

It's the same at Island Park, great stinking dollops with flies all over it.

Then there is the poo washing in and out with the waves creating a horrible pooey foam.

It's foul.  Pick it up and have some respect for other people!  Even if you have to come back later with your shovel.

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