Work continuing on Dunedin hotel deal

A deal that could result in Dunedin's proposed $100 million waterfront hotel taking a significant step forward is still being finalised, but has not struck trouble, the Dunedin City Council says.

Representatives from the council and Betterways Advisory Ltd - which wants to build the hotel at 41 Wharf St - have been putting the finishing touches to the wording of a memorandum of understanding between the two parties.

Details had been expected to be revealed last week.

However, council communications and marketing manager Graham McKerracher said the wording of the agreement was still being finalised yesterday.

While the deal remained a ''work in progress'', an announcement was still imminent, he said.

Move on?

Paul Taylor: So easy to say, and future generations are left with the ugly result. 

Progress and quality

To EvilPixie........Quite a name!

However you are wrong about Cityrise. He has lived in the big wide world and knows what a gem of a city we have in Dunedin.

Interesting it's the international people that strive to save Dunedin's heritage and value good design. I know so many people who could live in high rise glass cities anywhere in the world but they chose this one to invest in with their lives, family and livelihood. Why would anyone destroy that?

40 years ago the old University of Canterbury was to be demolished in the name of 'progress'. Now, that Arts Centre is the gem of that city and one of the first to be restored after the quake. Now, that  was progress

Step forward?

Why is it being called a "step forward"?  This proposed hotel is a vaccum cleaner of profits from the Dunedin market. Once it is built it may provide some minimum wage jobs, but the real profits will be sown up and forwarded into overseas accounts. How can that be a step forward?

Stupid statements

- The stadium loses events because Dunedin has no 5-star hotel
- Bruce Springsteen wouldn't come because we dont have a five-star hotel
- The hotel will save the stadium
- People who care and love Dunedin are negative, naysayers and should leave
- This will be a boom for Dunedin.

People have a responsibility to be informed and there is no-one that is against progress, jobs and development. It's just this will be good for the owners only and bad for the rest of Dunedin. 




We need real investment

Evilpixie says: "Cityrise, I do believe that in Mataura there is the perfect
house for you."

And a perfect home for you is waiting in Auckland.  You can be surrounded by "progress" there.  Your idea of "investment" is tourism-based, which is a dead end IMO.  We need real investment, real industry.  Technology parks, Intellectual property development, medical research, robotics, technology exporting and more - not more hotels.

About time

I dont want to start another hotelier debate, as clearly there are many experts out there in the field. However, quite simply this is great news for the city. I couldnt give a stuff if all the profits from the hotel go to the owners - what this does is add something new to the city. Will it make us millions? Probably not. But will it hurt us? Well no, of course not - how can it?
And please dont get me started about the 'shadow' it will cause. Take a look to the side at the cement works if you want to talk scenery spoiler.

Just build it

Just build it and move on.....


Money talks

There are those that want progress, and there are those that want nothing more than to see the population base dwindle through lack of investment.
Cityrise, I do believe that in Mataura there is the perfect house for you.

money talks..

Developers always win, the tactics are universal.  When they fail, they simply wait for the next round and ensure they have the right policy makers 'installed' for their win.  If the biggest opposition in Dunedin history goes through, what does that say about our democracy and district planning?  Why bother making submissions or going through these procedures when it's absolutely pointless?  Brace yourselves, the entire city of Dunedin is about to be completely and utterly dominated from all angles by a gargantuan boring monstrosity that makes zero sense.  I'll pre-empt the "anti progress league" rants by stating -again- I love progress when it makes sense and have supported most if not all initiatives to improve Dunedin.  However, a massive eye sore will not get my support.  If it had any architectual merit whatsoever I would be on board.  It resembles a cheap office block  It is designed without a single consideration to its surroundings.  It is designed to maximize floor space, and profit (ROI), nothing more, zero consideration of the city in mind.  

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