Payouts cost DVML close to $90,000

John Hansen.
John Hansen.
The company running Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium paid nearly $90,000 to two departing chief executives, but is refusing to detail a third payment to another former senior manager.

Figures released by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd yesterday showed former chief executive David Davies received $54,591.32 in entitlements, together with a portion of his at-risk salary, following his departure in September 2011.

His replacement, Darren Burden, received $29,377.77 in entitlements only - but no performance-related pay - when he quit, just over a year into his new role, in December last year.

The figures were released to the Otago Daily Times yesterday following a request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

David Davies.
David Davies.
DVML board chairman Sir John Hansen, speaking from Australia, stressed the payments to Mr Burden included only contractual entitlements for outstanding salary and holiday pay.

The fact Mr Burden did not receive any of the at-risk portion of his salary was a consequence of his early departure, Sir John said.

''It was a reflection of the fact he left at quite short notice and after a very short time in the job, and, as far as the board was concerned, he had not met the criteria necessary to earn any of it.''

The payment of a portion of Mr Davies' at-risk salary reflected his role in the successful launch of the stadium operation in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011, Sir John said.

Darren Burden.
Darren Burden.
''I'm comfortable with the amount of at-risk [salary] we paid him,'' he said.

However, DVML staff refused to disclose the details of a third payment, to former DVML commercial manager Guy Hedderwick, after he accepted a role as a part-time contractor based in Adelaide last year.

Staff would confirm only he did not receive any payment ''extra to his entitlements'', which included holidays owed and a final salary payment, but withheld other details, citing privacy.

Sir John, asked about the decision, initially said he was unsure why details of Mr Hedderwick's payment would not be released, unless there was legal advice against doing so.

Guy Hedderwick.
Guy Hedderwick.
''Off the top of my head, I can't see what difference there is between a commercial director and a CEO. I don't understand why two are OK and one isn't.''

However, later in the day, having checked with DVML staff, Sir John said DVML was obliged only to release payment information relating to its chief executives.

That was based on advice from the Dunedin City Council, and ''I'm quite happy with that advice'', Sir John said.

''He [Hedderwick] is entitled to his privacy in his job.''

Asked if there was not a public interest in the payment from a council-controlled organisation reliant on ratepayer funding, Sir John would only reiterate: ''We were following the advice we were given. I've got nothing further to say on the matter.''

Slow burn

There is hardly a week that goes by when we are not confronted with yet another revalation related to the stadium. Mr Burden resigned so why was he entitled to an additional $23,000 in rate payer funds? It is little wonder that many members the community are sick of the stadium and everything to do with it. We already know the annual $66 per rate payer we are told we pay cannot be possible, let's just get everything out on the table once and for all. 



you are aware that he doesn't serve on the board of AMI Stadium in Christchurch and hasn't for quite some time?

Mea Culpa

It would be fitting at this juncture for a least one person who was responsible for making decisions at DVML to front up and say sorry to the people of Dunedin.

Is there no justice for the ratepayer?

Words fail me. I can't think of anything to say, sarcastic or otherwise.


With you on that, Styly1. Or perhaps they could be paid like a car salesman. And that would be a weekly retainer of say $300 then 10% of the NET profit of any events attracted.

you have the DCM

You are all fired. DVML get out.

Don't Come Monday.


Greater Dunedin

Free money

Anyone need money? Short of cash, hungry? Just head on down to the stadium. They have so much money they don't know what to do with it. All you have to do is, sign up with DVML and then quit. You will receive a guaranteed $30,000 plus additional expenses.

Something nasty in the woodshed?

There is something going on here that smells a little.  Ignoring just why the Board Chair of DVML couldn't see why Mr Guy Hedderwick's payout details couldn't be released and then accepted other DVML staff advice that they shouldn't, maybe the ODT should be enquiring further.  As Mike has pointed out, the performance of Mr Hedderwick is easily measured by the number of acts that have resulted while he was employed.  Near enough to zilch is the answer, so why the reticence to release the information for 2 CEO's and not the Commercial Manager?


digger: as far as I can tell Mr Hedderwick's move to Australia on our dime has resulted in exactly one act being booked, a brace of Abba impersonators - I hope that he's not been paid any sort of performance bonus based on that result - I'm sure I could easily have done that on the phone from here in about an hour.

Really there's been no "performance" from DVML, and no reason yet for any performance based pay to any of its employees.

PIck me! Pick me!

I would like to be considered for the role of the next Chief executive of the DVML please. I feel I have the right qualifications (can sing all of the chorus to Lorde's "Royals" song) and am prepared to leave suddenly if things don't go to plan provided you pay me $50,000 to do so. No. I am not a greedy man, so lets say $30,000 (twice my current yearly income) will do. Thankyou for your consideration (which I am sure cost me plenty).

Hedderwick needs to explain further

'He [Hedderwick] is entitled to his privacy in his job.'' I don't think so, as time will tell.

Why do I feel the mickey is being taken here?

So let me understand this - you have a guy heading up the stadium board or dept, that has been knighted but he is from Christchurch and running a similar organisation for Christchurch Stadium.

Two people under his command here at the stadium, Burden and Hedderwick have left. Oh yes and now we have a cricketer come to run things.

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