Lisa One arrives despite crushed egg

It will be at least a week before it is known if the first kakapo chick to hatch since 2011 will survive.

Lisa One successfully arrived despite the egg being badly cracked by mother Lisa in its nest.

The egg was painstakingly repaired by senior kakapo ranger Jo Ledington.

Kakapo Recovery programme manager Deidre Vercoe Scott said Ms Ledington did an incredible job carefully repairing the egg with tape and glue.

There were fears the chick would not survive given its shell was crushed, but Lisa One hatched last Friday under the anxious and excited gazes of the team on Whenua Hou/Codfish Island, off Stewart Island.

''It was touch and go for a few days but with the special care and expertise of our team, the dedication has paid off.''

Lisa One is in an incubator on the island receiving round-the-clock attention, including regular feeding, weighing and checks.

Yesterday, the chick was doing well but it would be at least a week before it was known if she would survive.

''We've got it on a course of antibiotics, as the damage to the egg could be an infection source,'' Ms Vercoe Scott said.

The season had been a mixture of ''highs and lows''.

Of the 15 eggs laid, only six were fertile.

One of those was lost as an embryo.

''We started out with great hopes,'' she said.

Given the kakapo last bred in 2011, if the remaining four hatched successfully and survived it would be a reasonable year.

The other four eggs were also in incubator care and were expected to hatch during the next few weeks.

Lisa One's arrival increased the total population of the critically endangered New Zealand parrot to 125.

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