'Layback' could cost manager

Craft Bar duty manager Michael Campbell pours liqueur from a bottle into the mouth of a patron, draped backwards across the bar in the Dunedin premises last month. Photo supplied.
Craft Bar duty manager Michael Campbell pours liqueur from a bottle into the mouth of a patron, draped backwards across the bar in the Dunedin premises last month. Photo supplied.
A stag night request has landed a Dunedin duty bar manager in trouble with police.

Craft Bar duty manager Michael Campbell (22) was photographed pouring Baileys Irish Cream liqueur straight from the bottle into the mouth of a patron, who was draped backwards across the bar, at the premises in February.

The act is commonly known as a layback.

The photo was published on the internet under the heading ''STAG NIGHT 3rd of Feb, Dunedin'' and was discovered by Dunedin authorities, who have subsequently opposed Mr Campbell's application to renew his manager's certificate.

The District Licensing Committee will consider the application at a hearing in Dunedin next week.

Dunedin alcohol harm prevention officer Sergeant Ian Paulin and liquor licensing inspector Tony Mole have lodged submissions opposing the renewal.

They said Mr Campbell, in performing a layback, acted against the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

''The activity portrayed in the photograph questions the applicant's suitability to be a manager and is also clearly against the object of the Act,'' Mr Mole said.

After discovering the photograph on the internet on February 11, Mr Mole visited Craft Bar and spoke to general manager Phil Ellis, who ''expressed some dismay at what the photograph displayed''.

A few days later, Mr Ellis, Mr Mole, Mr Campbell and Sgt Paulin met at the Central Dunedin Police Station to discuss the matter.

''Mr Campbell stated that he was the duty manager at the time of the incident and he had been persuaded into offering a layback. The drink being used was Baileys and only one person received the layback,'' Mr Mole said.

''Mr Ellis advised that Mr Campbell had been suspended, and when he returned to work it would not be as duty manager,'' he said.

Sgt Paulin said Mr Campbell first obtained a manager's certificate last April and was in his ''probationary'' first year as a manager.

''This is a year in which police expect a duty manager's record to be unblemished,'' he said.

Sgt Paulin initially approved the renewal of Mr Campbell's certificate, but withdrew his support after being alerted to the photograph.

He told the Otago Daily Times Mr Campbell's layback was one of several Dunedin breaches of the new Act, which came into effect on December 18 last year.




The chance of getting alcohol poisoning from doing laybacks of Baily's is, I would say, pretty remote, and I am sure the amount of tax paid on the persons wagers and the alcohol drank would be more then enough to cover any medical expences.

I have done many laybacks, tequila slamers, jagabombs,jug sculls,yard glasses,boat races and many other drinks/games over the years and never ended up in hospital, so if that is your consideration before doing anything I recommend you don't leave the house. 

Right to choose

Lovedunedin: What I don't like is narrow-minded people who think they have the right to to try and enforce their moral ideas on people. This is not just about laybacks - this is far more than that. This is about people telling other people what they can and can't do. This is about taking people's right to choose what they do and how they live their lives away from them one bit at a time.
I'm sure there is something that you do that others would consider to be wrong. I'm also sure that if people told you, you couldn't do it anymore you would be a very unhappy camper.

"Perhaps it's time to start charging for self-induced medical events. Time to stop having nanny pick up the pieces."

I couldn't agree more So it's time ACC stopped paying for medical cost associated with all sporting injuries, as those are all self- induced medical events, as you put it. Why should I have to pay extra for my bike and car registration just so a rugby player can have his medial costs met? If he hadn't played the game he wouldn't have been hurt.
If I choose to put myself in harm's way and get hurt then that's my business, not anyone else's And I pay my taxes so I do expect to have my medical needs met. I also smoke and pay more tax then any non-smoker, so again I should be top of the list for medical problem since I pay far more tax than those that don't smoke.
By the way, it's lgn, not Ign.




Ign........ you say: "No one is going to die from a lay back"

Alcohol poisoning can lead to obstructed airway, respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest. It's not fun to watch. If you survive that, there can be long term damage to the liver and brain and other organs.

Perhaps its time to start charging for self-induced medical events. Time to stop having nanny pick up the pieces.

Nanny state strikes again

Nanny state strikes again. Won't be too long before the fun police stop us from doing anything that the moral police thinks is wrong. What gives one person the right to stop another person from doing something that can hurt on one but them self. Our right to live ours live the way we want to is being eroded by people who think they know what is best for us. Now that’s immoral if you ask me. No one is going to die from a lay back and if they do that's their own fault.


The problem is somebody could die if this was not stopped. How would that be a great night out? 

Fun police

Nobody died everyone probably had a great night so what is the problem. Why don't the police concentrate on real criminals instead of making a hard working bar manager one. I suppose it's better this cop was trawling the internet looking for crimes of the century then out handing out speeding tickets.

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