Moana Pool manager resigns

Steve Prescott
Steve Prescott
The Dunedin City Council's aquatic services manager, Steve Prescott, has resigned after apologising for "misleading'' statements about money from Moana Pool's vending machines.

Mr Prescott's resignation - health reasons were cited - was confirmed at a media conference this afternoon. His final day will be on Friday, bringing to an end a 17-year council career.

His decision comes after the council received the results of an independent investigation by auditors Crowe Horwath, which found the council knew of - and approved - Mr Prescott's private contract to restock the vending machines.

However, the investigators also concluded Mr Prescott's earlier responses to media questions about his vending machines arrangements gave a "misleading impression", council infrastructure and networks general manager Tony Avery said.

"I have learned that I need to be much more rigorous in my approach to answering those questions," Mr Prescott said in a written statement.

It brings me great sadness

It brings me great sadness to read that after 17 years of excellent service to the DCC that Steve has resigned. This comes after an investigation that has found him to have given a "misleading impression" when answering questions regarding vending machines. These Questions, which I believe could be interpreted to have a varying meaning by each individual. Who are we to judge how a person interprets and answers a question and then fault them for this. Why is it that some people in society today feel the need to see someone' punished 'or 'get what they deserve' and feel vindicated when that person HITS ROCK BOTTOM. So with that I hope you are satisfied, that Steve with no longer be an employee at the DCC.

Steve you will be missed, that I am sure of.

Will be missed

Shame. I hope whoever decided to make this into an issue is now happy, and does not win the contract to supply the vending machines. Steve Prescott has done a marvelous job at Moana Pool, and in my opinion will be sorely missed.


Goodbye vending machines?

The DCC knew and approved his private contract to re-stock vending machines? That should have been stopped. I would even question having those vending machines at all. No real food, just items of high sugar or fat. I was there today and saw parents having to drag their kids past the colourful packaging. Cigarettes would not be allowed so why this unhealthy junk? [Abridged]


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