Dunedin chasing Katy Perry, the Eagles

Katy Perry.
Katy Perry.
Rock legends the Eagles and pop star Katy Perry are both being targeted by the new head of Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Terry Davies yesterday told the Otago Daily Times his staff were working to secure the signatures of the United States-based music acts for concerts this year.

Perry has already confirmed she is planning New Zealand shows at the conclusion of the Australian leg of her tour in November. Dates are yet to be announced.

The Eagles, who this year are touring the United States, Britain and Europe, are rumoured to be discussing at least one New Zealand show - in Auckland or Wellington - in November or December.

Asked if he was in talks to secure Perry's signature, Mr Davies said: ''Yes, we are. We would be silly not to, knowing it's such a successful show, and we don't want Dunedin to miss out.

''We would love her to come to Forsyth Barr Stadium - we are in the mix.''

He would not be drawn on other details, but confirmed DVML staff were also chasing the Eagles.

Fairfax reported yesterday two promoters were vying to bring them to New Zealand for a one-off show in Wellington or Auckland.

Mr Davies said DVML had ''certainly registered our interest'' in bringing the band to the stadium, and was continuing to chase them.

''We'll be doing everything we can to secure this once the tour has been confirmed,'' he said.

''We know that our residents would be keen to see this legendary group under the roof.''

Mr Davies, who began as DVML chief executive only last week, has already said he hoped to secure at least one A-grade concert every two years at the stadium, as well as targeting more performers of the calibre of Neil Diamond or Sir Elton John.

Mr Davies said he expected a concert by the Eagles - if confirmed - would probably attract a crowd of 20,000 to 25,000 in Dunedin.

That was down on the 35,000 at Sir Elton's 2011 performance at the stadium, which Mr Davies said was also considered a ''B-grade'' event - but not performance - for the venue.

Perry, announcing her forthcoming Australian shows in February, tweeted: ''And don't worry, New Zealand ... I'm coming to see you Kiwis too! Dates announced soon!''


Mr Farry was quoted at the time as saying "they had a acoustic engineer look over the plans" . It later came out that no budget existed for this work and there was no consideration for these aspects in the design and thus no work was carried out to correct any acoustic problems. Again it was a case of " build it and they can sort it out later". Oh yes and I've heard it with my own ears, - the Aerosmith sound was unbelievably bad. I'm sure the word has got out.


So defensive! I guess there is no link, because as usual it never happened.


Acoustical planning

Perhaps Qsrc could avoid providing us with expert opinion on the stadium's acoustics if he or she could show us where the CST spent one cent on consultants to design the stadium's internal acoustics before it was built, and then perhaps publish their report showing how the sound in that space is meant to work. Then we could figure what was done wrong in the stadium build and get the contractors to fix their mistakes. I'm sure there was a warranty provided, wasn't there?

Take it Easy

Well, he's standing on a corner in Dunedinburgh, Otago, got Katy Perry on his mind, could be JD Souther, Don Henley and one other, will play here if theyre so inclined. Come on baby, dont say Maybe, we gotta know if your best gig is gonna save we

Expert opinion

QrSC fails to meet all media coverage including expert opinion the ODT has provided on the stadium sound system. QrSC can do his own research, or try for education in architectural acoustics and internet search.


Overit: Link to where the article where the "professionals" say the sound's not up to it please.

Looking in the wrong place

Russell I agree - this whole counting of chickens thing seems to be a Dunedin obsession. The ODT seems to have one or two "X might come to the stadium" stories every year - remember when it was front page news that the Stones might be coming, because someone's aunt knew the doctor who operated on Keith Richards or something.

I think it's all just DVML marketing themselves, trying to look like they're doing something useful.

If they were being smart they'd spend far more of our money and time trying to make rugby profitable rather than luring the occasional concert. Once they get their main financial problem solved then they can start spending (our) resources on once or twice a year concerts.


QsRC: The professional audio people admit there are problems with FBS and have provided options to DVML. The cost for these temporary solutions has to be borne by the venue and not the promoter. And as DVML management have a record of poor decision making around technical issues it will be up to the ratepayer, yet again, to continue oaying huge sums of money for little improvement.

Had the money spent, somewhat unnecessarily, on the Cisco StadiumView system been spent on concert sound issues then just maybe ... 

Vector did have some much publicised sound issues but as a purpose built venue these could be remedied to the point that is now arguably NZ's premiere concert venue.


Can't wait

I really hope they can get the big named artists here.. Will definitely be going. Why should we be spending money going to Auckland when we have a perfectly good stadium here?

If those of you who don't want to go, please stay at home. Because it will make it more pleasurable and enjoyable for us that do. And yes, I have been to concerts there and have enjoyed them.

Don't bury your head

Actually, I'm all for the stadium and always have been. It's a brilliant facility and I'm delighted we built it, despite all the boring naysayers. But a lot of people have moaned about the sound at the concerts so far - a lot of people I know who went to Elton John, and negative or not, it's a fact that this feedback exists. And yes, some of the feedback was also good. There have been stories about the feedback in this newspaper for pity's sake. That's because the feedback is important! They pay the money, they expect a good experience. I'm sure if Vector had had complaints, they would have tweaked their sound systems or investigated at the very least.  All I'm saying is  lets make sure it is OK - get some tests done or something & settle the question. Then go ahead and tout for business big time. If the stadium works as a band venue, we all stand to win. But don't ruin the reputation of the place forever by going off half-cocked, getting big names here, and then having everyone slate the gig to bits. If that happens, there will be a point of no return and we'll never get anyone here again.

Ink isn't on the contracts yet

If only QsRC would take off their rosy glasses and look at reality.
Announcing that you are trying to get signatures on a contract is not the same as announcing that you have them. Of course Mr Davies will be working hard to attract acts for the stadium - after all he is being paid about a quarter of a million dollars of ratepayer's money to do just that. Mr Davies would also be wise to ensure that his public announcements are in line with those of his Board Chair, who told us all that getting Class A acts in the next year or so was "unlikely" and not to be budgeted for.
You should also look at the business case for a promoter to bring any act to Dunedin. A big stadium act requires big stadium gear and rigs that requires heaps of transport, rigging times and the like. That requires a big audience paying big money in order to get a financial return. Put yourself in the shoes of the promoters and ask "I can put on a big show at Vector with a guaranteed audience from a big catchment area with no transport issues and a big track record of staging shows with all of the necessary support infrastructure at hand and make a bundle" or I can go to Dunedin with added internal transport costs, minimal track record of staging shows and a limited catchment in terms of audience". Which would you choose?
The possible audience is another issue for promoters. The Dunedin population outside students is largely older and less affluent than most other cities in the country so an act that might be attractive to the general population - Elton John for example - might be a real turn-off to students and vice versa. So a big stadium act that is attractive to students needs to be slotted in a time that students are in town and are not in the middle of exams and the like.
And as far as sound goes, I'm afraid that you have evidence against you in terms of assessment of good quality, The stadium is roofed and has huge areas of reflective concrete - features guaranteed to prevent good sound quality unless the listener is in close proximity to speakers and where reflected sound is at a low level. But when anyone pumps 100 dbm of audio into the middle of a reflective cavity the effect is less than desirable. That's why concert halls and other venues spend a lot of money acoustically treating the surfaces - something that has not been done with the roof and vast reflective wall surfaces. You may have fluked a good seat when you went to the stadium but you just need to refresh you mind by looking at audience reaction to the Elton John concert as reported in the ODT at the time. [Abridged]

The sound

The alleged bad sound quality is just an exaggerated myth spread by the anti-stadium people who actually have never attended an event at the stadium!

I've attended 3 concerts there and they have all be good as gold. Ive spoken to numerous others, im yet to meet someone first hand who has siad the sound was bad.

There are isolated pockets where it's not as good. Guess what? I recently attended a concert at Christchurch and sat right up the back, the sound was garbage! I was unable to identify some songs I'd listened to for years. I attended another concert a year ago at Vector - it was great sound, a friend sat in a different areas and said he though it was average at best.

FBS sound is not worse than that most other venues. Unfortunately in Dunedin we breed negative people who love to jump on the anti-bandwagon. It might have average quality sound in some areas, but the anti people would prefer to lead you to believe its garbage sound no matter where you sit, and this is simply not the case.

Read carefully and you will see posters say "oh the sound quality is rubbish" yet previously or on different posts they will state "I will never ever set foot in the wretched stadium". 


Damned if you do...

Great to see the usual positive comments. If they don't chase acts they're doing nothing, if they do they're wasting their time...

Bit hard to compare the acoustics in a stadium with a purpose-built live music venue too - and Vector received a few negative comments early on, I seem to remember. 

But the sound?

It is one thing to seek big names to appear at the Stadium, but another to satisfy their sound/band requirements of both the act and the audience once they are here. I'd like to know, is the new stadium boss confident this facility is up to scratch sound wise before he goes off a-promising?

Because where there is smoke, there is certainly fire; the feedback has been categoric - the sound quality there is very hit and miss, depending on where you are in the stadium. But overall, it isn't high quality. Vector Arena, on the other hand, has it right. Can the stadium people be brave enough to own up to this and come up with some proposals? Where there is a will, there could be a way? We all want these acts to come here for sure.


Announcements based on hopes by the new man to make himself look busy. More of the same I'm afraid. I'm sorry too, as I thought he might be the new broom that the place needed.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, how about being realistic and trying for "Slim Dusty". Otherwise all this is believe it when I see it.

Sounds like DVML is in justification of expenditure and existence overdrive. As they say a lemon is a lemon, you can call it an orange till you're black and blue but it is still a lemon.


Someone tell 'em he's dreaming...

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