Pushing to register bicycles

Strath Taieri Community Board chairman Barry Williams will make a personal submission on Dunedin City Council's 2014/15 Draft Annual Plan to get bicycles registered.

''I am going to privately put a submission in about the cycles so it won't lose its traction.''

Mr Williams labelled cyclists as ignorant and arrogant in February and called for cycles to be registered.

He wanted the council to create a bicycle registration bylaw so motorists could identify cyclists to make complaints to the police.

ACC is not user-pays

User-pays healthcare is when you get injured, you pay. ACC is a universal insurance scheme, where everyone pays.

Since 1999 ACC has been divided up into 5 "accounts", which are intended to be self funding. Cyclist injuries are not in the Motor Vehicle Account, probably because they lack motors. Cycle injuries are paid from the Earner and Non-earner accounts, along with other sports, such as Rugby, Horse Riding, Skiing etc., which all cost far more than cycling accidents. So following your argument, there should also be an ACC levy on skis, horse, rugby balls, kayaks etc. However, the reality is that lots of people don't pay their own ACC premiums, including children, students, and beneficiaries (including retired people). That comes from the general tax pool. 

So, a cyclist who is injured, their ACC is funded either from their wages (if they have a job), along with any other accidents they might have outside work (DIYers don't pay higher levels, nor do recreational rugby players), or alternately, from the government's general slush fund.


There should be an ACC charge for people riding pushbikes. After all it is ACC who will be paying for your treatment when you ride our in front of car, while riding along the oneway

Furthermore this charge should be the same as those of us who have to pay a high ACC charge when we pay for the rego on our motorblkes. I would think that the same dangers motorbike riders face each time they ride would also be faced by the pushbike riders. So why should i have to pay for your treatment through my ACC charges for my bike and car?. Why you get a free ride?

After all it is user pays is it not?

OK so you say but we also pay rego for our cars. My answer to that is. I pay for my car's rego too as well as my bikes. You don't just pay one rego for all your vehicles you pay for each vehicle you use on the road. And like it or not a pushbike is also a vehicle. And that vehicle also uses the road.


Won't make much difference

Cars are registed and it makes no difference to the way they are operated. They run red lights, stop signs and never use indicators.

How much are you going to charge for rego?  You will need to take into account motorways and other roads that cyclists are not currently alowed to use or once registed can they use the motorways.

Will this mean that cyclists will now be able to use the whole lane instead of being pushed onto the edge? This means you don't need cycle lanes, the bikes can use the whole lane exactly like other registed vehicles like cars motorcycles and trucks.  This would be much safer, one whole lane for a bike, and to overtake a bike you will need to move to another lane just as you would need to do if you over take a car.

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