Praise for Mosgiel

Mosgiel came up smelling of roses in a survey of Mosgiel parents carried out by the Methodist Mission. Photo by Gregor Richardson.A survey of Mosgiel families shows the town is a great place to raise children and a ''blueprint for how a small town should run''.

The results of a Methodist Mission survey of 109 Mosgiel parents of children aged up to five were presented at last week meeting of the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board.

The mission's business development leader, Sue Nash, said at the meeting it showed, that for most people Mosgiel was ''a very good place to live'' and a ''blueprint for how a small town should run''.

Hazel Early (5) plays in the playground at Memorial Park, Mosgiel, on Monday. Photo by Linda Robertson.
Hazel Early (5) plays in the playground at Memorial Park, Mosgiel, on Monday. Photo by Linda Robertson.
Most of those surveyed were happy with the breadth and quality of facilities on offer, with the Mosgiel pool being the one exception, Ms Nash said.

The pool was a big issue ''for all who mentioned it''.

A minority of young families also felt they needed ''a place where they can just go and chill out and meet other mums''.

Ms Nash said the lack of problems in Mosgiel surprised the organisation's funders and there was no need for it to offer new services in the area.

However, some families were isolated from the ''great services'' Mosgiel had to offer, which was something the mission would try to remedy.

''We are trying to now get some funding to seek out those families that feel they are not involved or don't know where to go [and educate them about] services that are there,'' she said.

The survey and report, which was funded by the Ministry of Social Development, was aimed at finding ways to make parenting easier and reduce social isolation for Mosgiel parents.

It found most people knew their immediate neighbours and were aware if they had young children.

The library was a well-liked facility and the ''general consensus'' was Memorial Park was a ''very good resource'', although some wanted a more diverse range of recreational equipment available.

While it was well used, the swimming pool ''drew almost universal negative responses''.

Complaints included its limited opening times, that it was too cold and too deep for preschoolers and the toddlers' pool was too shallow.


They said it

Comments about Mosgiel in the survey:

• Everything is out here. That's why I like it

• Once you come over the hill it's a whole different world. She [Mosgiel] has everything

• It's easy to walk everywhere, a good lifestyle

• It's a great place to bring kids up, safe, great schools

• Pretty primo



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