Non-student partying causing problems

Max Holt.
Max Holt.
Non-students flatting and partying in Dunedin's campus area are creating headaches for authorities and students alike.

''Students might study all week and let off some steam on a Thursday or a Saturday, but these guys are partying up virtually every day of the week,'' campus policeman Senior Constable Max Holt said.

The constant partying meant the new residents were getting offside with their student neighbours and attracting police attention as they were not answerable to the University of Otago's code of conduct. 

''There is an unwritten rule on how to behave if you are a university student, and these people do not get it. ''They draw so much attention to themselves.''

While the number of non-students living in the area was small, there had been a noticeable increase in young workers choosing to live in the area, he said.

Snr Const Holt said many of those non-students came from satellite towns across Otago, were working and ''had money to burn''.

The new residents believed they could get away with more in the student quarter than in the suburbs, but ''it's a misapprehension that you can behave as you wish down the North End''.

''They very quickly get offside with their student neighbours and us.''

Students had reported their concerns to police, ''but we always hear after the fact'', Snr Const Holt said.

An Otago University Students' Association spokesman said the number of non-students living in the area was also reflected in arrests for disorder-related offences.

''It has been rather telling seeing more and more non-students arrested for couch fires and things like that.''

And this is news worthy because?

The university had promoted Dunedin as party central for students for many years before the non-university residents demanded the university tone it down. And now their precious "campus area" is being invaded by undesirable young out-of-towners.

And my crocodile tears flow. 

I don't get it

These are articles I find amusing.....1: Police have been kept busy by synthetic cannabis withdrawal difficulties with at least 6 cases since the ban on the products, Some users were having difficulty however no violence was recorded in each case. So far 1 person has been arrested nationwide for selling the banned product....... 

2, Last night police were pelted with bottles by drinking revellers in the Student quarters with the fire service putting out 6 deliberately lit fires in public areas with a number of arrests made....... 

Sounds like it's time to ban the booze!

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